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a question

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I brought Easter and Emo to the vet today to get them fixed. Emo's incision seems to be bleeding a very tiny bit, and Easter keeps trying to lick her incision. Should I be worried? I am afraid that Easter will try to pull out her stitch.

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Unsure where in Canda you are, but I'd call your vet, and I'm not trying to alarm you in any way. Go with your gut. If that was the case for me, I'd call to make sure. If the stitches are too lax they'll come out and then that's a problem brewing. It may be that in some cases, these kitties need an Elizabethan collar if the stitched area becomes an issue. They will lick, that's pretty normal, just keep an eye on that. But if the other one is fresh blood, not old blood, call. If they're closed, leave an overnight message. I'm sure another member will pick this up and contribute ~~
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Is that what the 'E' in e-collar means? Elizabethan?? I always wondered.
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Yep that's what the E stands for
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