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First time asking for good vibes

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I know I've read many threads with people asking for vibes and have given my thoughts and prayers to all in hopes that they make a difference to the person who needs them most. I am now asking for some good, "you can make it through this" vibes. Long story short: I have been on a drug - effexor - for about 5 years for obsessive compulsive disorder. I have gotten much better and have now decided to go off the drug so my husband and I can have a baby. However, the withdrawals are MISERABLE. I'm dizzy and feel like I have the flu. The doctor says this is normal and shouldn't last too long (3 days or so.) So I was just wondering if I could get some "feel good" vibes if possible...Thanks
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Aww lots of vibes coming your way. What a courageous step you're taking. But it's all for such a wonderful reason. Lots of positive thoughts to help you through these nasty few days
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I'm sending positive energy and good vibes your way.
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What a brave step! Sending lots of positive energy to you! You CAN make it through this!!!!!
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awwwww, dear Goosehazel, you can do it! sending (((((Good Vibes)))))) you`re on my thoughts and my prayers for you too! Don`t give it up!
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This may sound totally cheesy, but you guys are making me teary. There are so many wonderful people on TCS!
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You CAN and WILL make it through this

You're right, there are so many wonderful people here on TCS and YOU are one of them!!

Best of luck for the next few days and for hopes for a baby You are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie!
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Sending many, many vibes........................(so many I'm shaking!!).................
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Sending best wishes for you!
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Lots of "you can do this" and "feel better soon" vibes from here!
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How brave of you! It will work out and everything will be just fine! Lots of vibes and strength for you from us!
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That's a big step and a brave move. Here come a bunch of vibes to help you through these UGLY days and on to the BEAUTIFUL ones to come.
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Aw, hope you feel better. Good vibes comin' your way.
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You can do it! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope it passes quickly
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Sending lots of ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ vibes. You can do this!
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Sending lots of vibes your way, I hope you feel better.
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Brilliant - a very brave step to take and I am sure it will all be worthwhile. Good luck!
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You can do it! You've taken a very courageous step. Just keep in mind the reason you're doing this, and that will give you the strength you need. Plenty of vibes coming your way!
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Oh, I know these withdrawal symtoms are horrible! Did you discuss with your Dr. gradually decreasing your dose to come off it slowly? I'm so proud of you for this huge step you're taking! Good for you! Sierra and I are right here beside you with support throughout this entire difficult process!You can do this! Congratulations!
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all the best of good wishes for you, be kind to yourself . You can do this with the help of your doctor and your husband . All the best for your dream angel baby.
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(((((Mega Good Luck Vibes)))))) coming your way. It's a huge thing your doing so take it one day at a time.
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First of all, congratulations on the improvements you have made with OCD!!! I am wishing you good luck with the side-effects of the withdrawal and even more luck making a baby!!!!!!!! Fingers and paws crossed!
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Goosy, you can do this. Just remember, if/when it gets really tough, or even if it doesn't, we are all here for you!
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Sending prayers for you to get through this rough spot and to have a wonderful, healthy baby!
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Thanks to all of you and your beautiful little kitties for all the support. My doctor is weaning me off with 5 days of a low dose of prozac. Hopefully that will work. Still pretty dizzy though. It's worth it for a baby.
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I have just found this thread, sorry!

You are very courageous and what a wonderful way to step forward! Sending you loads of positive }}}VIBES{{{ for your yucky time and lots of love to you for during and after!

(Thank you, also, for your support to me! )
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