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cutest kitties

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Went to the vet today to get more anti-depressants for Sugey. Our vet adopts out kittens for the humane society & provides their first shots, etc. There were 3 beautiful grey (almost bule) kittens. I made the mistake and snuggled one. I honestly heard him tell me "I love you mommy". I would love to get another cat, but it is not fair to Sugey right now to add to the household with her finally getting her soiling behaviour back under control. I am sure the other 4 wouldn't mind, but I have to think of my Sugarly now. I left the vet in tears. I think I go back and keep playing with them until they are adopted, just so they get used to being with people instead of in a cage.
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I think that is a really excellent idea to go play with them! And, even though it was hard for you, I think you are doing the right thing for Sugarly. And, when the time is right, there will be another little kitten waiting for you! I can't go into the Petsmart or the Petco and look at the kitty displays anymore..... makes me sad.
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I can't look at the babies either without taking them home...I have nine at the moment. I know I'll have ten soon...Just a feeling I get. Not that that's bad. That'll be the last, but I'll wait until some angel drops that one off at my house....which I know will happen! :laughing2

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Cat!! of course you'll have to get another one!! after all nine is not an even number!!! ha ha ha.... (I tried that on my hubby but he just said, "What are you on about? - we have FOUR, thats even!!" doh!! hes smarter than I thought!! ha ha ha)
Adymarie, that is a really good idea to go play with them, if I had time I woul love to volunteer at a rescue centre to help look after all the babies....one day I will when I don't have to work full time!!
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