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I'm such a softie when it comes to the shelter!!

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I guess i'm crazy but ...
I went to the shelter today again. They had the SWEETEST, most loving cat ever. I've been wanting a cuddly cat because Adia is adorable, but she will NOT let me hold her at all. I've been thinking I want a lap cat AND my sweet Adia. Sooo... this cat is a male, Maine Coon mix. He's so sad looking though. he's got fleas, ear mites and is missing part of his fur behind his ears because of the mites. He also is really skinny and needs to be fattened up! I went in and got him out of his cage because they said he was really cuddly. He clung to me for dear life and nuzzled his face against my neck. I fell in love. The lady that runs the humane society program herein our county was there and she said that if i wanted to take him, she'd get him cleaned up and treated for his mites and fleas at the vet and make sure he had all his shots for me and i wouldn't have to pay anything. She also said I could get a neuter voucher for 20 dollars and get him neutered. Soo... as i'm sure everyone's guessed. I caved in and am taking him home as soon as he is cleaned up and healthy. Adia may be a little jealous, but she did so well with my friend's cat over spring break, so i'm hoping they will get to like each other. I had to pick out a name for the maine coon, so I chose Tobias and i'm going to call him Toby. I'll post pics as soon as i get him home!
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Congratulations!!! He sounds like a real sweetie, especially with all the fleas and mites and all. But he's going to a good home now!
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Awwww bless his little heart!,and you! he has a loving home to go to

Any idea when they will let him go home with you?

Can't wait to see pictures
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Awe, how sweet! Congrats on the soon to be addition to your family!
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Awww, he sounds like such a sweety!
Post a pic as soon as you can!
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Congrats!!!! awwwwwww Can`t wait to see to your new little one!
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I so applaud you. You are so much stronger than me, I break down uncontrollably at the shelter. I don't have your gift. I wish I did, even though all my kitties have been rescue/strays. And I have so much admiration for what you've just done. Our new little one, Saba, is a Maine Coon/Tabby mix....Tobias is splendid! Can't wait for the photos.....
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Adiasmum, my heart filled with emotion when I read your post! It is wonderful of you to rescue that poor little kitty! I have no doubt that Toby will be very happy in his new home and will shower his new Meowmy with lots of love and affection. I can't wait to see the pics!
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How exciting! Good luck with your new boy Toby. Who can seriously turn down kitties at the shelter? They all look at you with those eyes...even my BF broke down.
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Here's to you for adopting a shelter kitty!
I had a lovely male Maine Coon mix, and he was the most loving, mellow kitty I ever had. He grew to a whopping 22 lbs of sweet, cuddly boy. I hope Tobias is the same.
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Oh that's wonderful!! Congrats on your new addition! I know he'll be so happy to be in his new, loving home.
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That is so wonderful!!! Sounds like Toby found his forever Mommy
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Ooooooooo, congrats!!! I too just brought home a new baby...our white Lilly. You are going to love having Tobias around so much. I think that's such a great name. Can't wait to see pictures.
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Yay! What a wonderful story! It is so cool that you chose him for his big heart & not the way he looked at the time. I can't wait for a picture- I love big, gentle cats!
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Yay! And what a great name - I always wanted to name a cat Toby! Aw I can't wait to see pictures of the sweet guy... and I hope Adia likes her new brother!
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Thanks you guys i will post a pic soon.. i'm a little concerned with Adia right now. I brought home Toby at 6 tonight and barricaded him in a small space with a blanket, food, water and a litter box of his own. I let him out about 30 minutes ago (after an hour and a half) and adia is hissing at him and growling at him. Toby is just trying to sniff her and stuff. Should I keep him put up longer?? I don't want them to hate each other but it's not looking good.
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ohh.. wanted to add, toby is REALLY dirty and matted up. how can i clean him up or can I?

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I would probably keep them separated longer. Especially if Adia is hissing. I hear it can take a week or longer for cats to get used to being around one another. There are a lot of great thread about cat intros...lemme see if I can find a link (I just brought home Lilly yesterday and have been looking up all those links). I have not introduced Lilly and Ebony quite yet.
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here it is...this is a great link that Hissy wrote. good luck! I bet Toby and Adia are going the be great friends, it will just take time.

introducing cats
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Here he is!!

He's already made himself right at home. hehe

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He looks JUST LIKE a TOBY! What a cute fellow! I wouldn't worry too much about the cats getting along right now. It will take time. Hissing is normal at this point. Just follow the great advise you find here as best you can and I'm sure things will work themselves out. The more relaxed you are about the situation the better for the cats. Good luck!
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Oh goodness he is so adorable! My heart melted as soon as I saw that picture. You can just tell that he's a real sweetheart. If you haven't already, you MUST make a thread in Fur Pictures for Toby!! He deserves to have as many people as possible admire his cute furry self!!! Congrats again!!!!!
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Awwwwww how sweet is he?!

A good clean and brush and he'll be even more handsome than what he is now!
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awwwwwwww Toby is just so handsome and I am crying again!!! (many know how my hormones are running hot right now!!!) but thankfully I am crying out of happiness this time.... bless you for bringing Toby home so he can have a wonderful life that he so deserves

check out that link that Beryl supplied - it is a good one and remember it can take some time before they will become 'friends' and yes the hissing is normal... good luck... we will all help as much as we can

awwwwww Toby - I am in love
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