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Radio question for today: 03/17/05

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Easter is almost upon us. Do you still or have you gone in the past on Easter egg hunts?
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yip !
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Hummmm it`s a US Tradicion, nope for Mèxico...
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I think the last time I had an Easter Egg hunt I was in 6th grade or so. They were quite fun though, and the "Easter Bunny" used to hide my Easter basket as well!
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We did it while there were still little people in the family. My nieces still do it with their kids. The old fogeys don't any more, though
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We've always done Easter Egg hunts in my family... they are a tradition... I knew I was getting old when my job became hiding the eggs instead of finding them... Last year, I managed to do both.. we had the kids hide eggs for the adults and the adults hide eggs for the kids... Some of them had candy and others had money... My father kept telling us that one of the eggs had $50 in it but we never found it... I really hope he was joking because we still havent found a bunch of the eggs LoL
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Nope, When i will have kids ill do it though....
Im getting my easter decorations up now, i need twigs.
Do you decorate too?
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Yeah when I was a kid I went on a lot of them. We had two every Easter, one at church and the other with my Mom's family. They were a lot of fun.
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I used to love them when I was little!
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i think the last time i did that was in school, god they were so much fun!
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Never had an Easter egg hunt.

The only egg hunt I go on is when the chickens lay one somewhere else in the garden instead of the henhouse.
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Not that I recall. We always found huge Easter baskets on the dining room table Easter morning. I still make up small ones - I bought the candy today, but forgot to get dye for the hardboiled eggs.
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I loved them when I was a little girl.
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My Grandpa still makes me hunt for eggs and I'm 31. Now I usually bribe the kids to find some for me.
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Found 'em as a kid and then graduated to hiding them when niece and nephew were young. One of the most memorable hunts was at Grandma Bond's. I had hidden the eggs and they were looking for them when a power line (or maybe it was the telephone) fell and it ended the hunt. (Over a dozen uncollected.)

Nowadays the niece and nephew do the hiding. I just sit back and watch and occasionally drop hints where the eggs are hidden.
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No, I never did that.
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