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The Flinstones! (just call me old fashioned... :laughing: )

And Sabra, I too love your name!!! I find myself sometimes calling my kitten, (Sabrina) Sabra. What a beautiful name!!!

Okay, next question.......

If you could have one date, with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
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Wow, if I weren't dating Philip and had a chance to date Daniel Day Lewis...I'd definitely do it! He's talented, beautiful, hot, hot, hot and has no hair on his chest! :LOL: I'm totally attracted to men with no or very little body hair :laughing2


If you could choose any profession, what would that be and why?

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I think I would either have to be a lawyer or an artist (defending animals or painting them!!) or, I've always thought archeaology would be really interesting too.... (hmmm and Im a receptionist?!!! go figure!!)

Question: Everyone has a dream for the future...what is yours? (NOT winning the lottery...but where you want to be in the future etc etc)
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My dreams for the future were once much loftier. Now, my dream is that my son grows up to not resent being my son.

Without looking, what color are you spouse's/SO's eyes?

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Bright gorgeous BLUE!!!! Yum yum yum .....(they go a treat with his blond hair too even if I do say so myself!! ha ha ha ha)

What is your most favorite of all time, a) Slow song b) other song
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the classic 70's ballad "Wild Fire".

If you could meet the Pope, what would you say?
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"Why do you wear that beanie???"

Question: If you could choose any animal from the endangered species list to bring back into full population, which would it be?
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Tiger's, there's only about 5,000 left in the entire world; they're hunted not only for their fur, but for medicinal purposes by witch doctors! (well, that's what I call them.)

How old were you when you had your first kiss and how was it?

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I was 21.

I'm so darn shy I didn't have a date before then.

It was on my second date with the guy who is now my husband.

How good was it ...well, I married him.

What advice did your parents give you that you ignored at the time, but now wish you had followed?
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Learn to drive as soon as you can!!! Now I wish I had cos its a pain in the butt trying to do it now!!!

If you could be any breed of cat, which would you be and why?
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Having several, I have always loved the breed, they are so affectionate once you win their hearts, yet keep their fierce independence.

If you could change one thing in society what would you change?
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If I could meet the Pope, I'd be speechless. I admire him so much.
I would like to bring the Giant Panda back to full population. The panda has been one of my favorite animals in the world.
I was 15 when I had my first kiss.
Advice from my parents that I would have listened is don't get married until I finish college.
The one thing that I would change in society is that people should be kinder and generous towards others.

Question:If a space alien came and visit you, would you run or try and be friends with it?
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What is your favorite thing to cook?

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Soup! I love taking half the day and cooking a big pot of soup, makes the whole place smell great! Its a "comfort food" thing I guess?

What was your most embarassing moment?
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The most embarrassing moment that comes mind is having a big wad of toliet paper stuck to my shoe.

Question: Did you ever want to get revenge on someone, and if so, how and why??????
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On my ex-husband before he was an ex. I found out he was breaking our marriage vows, and he had this huge beard almost down to his waist he was so proud of. One night while he was passed out, I cut it off. At least I only cut off his beard and not something else!

If you could be a candy bar, which candy bar would you be?
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an Almond Joy, because sometimes you feel like a nut! (and for me, that's a frequent thing)

What is your favorite show on television?
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CSI hands down! Now here's a toughie

What is your favorite Reality Show on television?
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The Original survivor - I loved Rudy!

Now here I am as Barbara Walters (or Baba Wawa as they said on Saturday Night Live) ....What kind of tree would you be?
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I'd be a bristle-cone pine! (They adapt and live long, plus they've lots of character.)


How much is that doggie in the window? (Just kidding.) Okay, the real question: If you could be a performing artist, what would you perform?

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This is not an answer, nor is it a question, I just had to say that Rudy appreciates the recognition, even though at the time of that Survivor, he was barely a glimmer....

He's a Champ now though! (sorta)
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I would do what is now called "performance art". You know, that kind of stuff where people use many talents to make a point or where the artist is physically involved in presenting the piece. Barring that (since I lack a vision for it) I would love to perform with Cirque du Soleil (sp?) though I am clueless about what act I would be part of . . .

What was your first pet?
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My first pet was a beautiful Siamese named "Ming". She lived for an amazing 20 (I think, if I remember right...) years.

Question - If you weren't scared of failure, what would you do? (Quite a broad question, but thought provoking...)
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If I could be a performing artist, I'd sing with a mariachi band.
I had to answer this one. My most embarrising moment was a couple of years ago. I had gone to work in a call center wearing a long skirt. Well, I went to the bathroom and I didn't check myself before I left the bathroom. So I walked to all the way to my booth. I noticed that almost everyone was laughing at me. I didn't know why. Then my supervisor came up behind me and told me that the back of my skirt was up and everyone could see my rear end.!
My favorite show is Saved By an Angel.

Question: Who is your favorite athlete?
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Okay, I'll answer both questions. If I wasn't scared of failure I'd get back into free-lance writing. And, my favorite athlete just now is either Jelena Dokic (tennis) or Annika Sörenstam (golf). I can't decide between the two.


So, who would you most like to have suddenly appear at your front door?

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Trent Reznor of the band Nine Inch nails. I think he is very intelligent (and hot to boot! )and would love to discuss his music with him.

Question: Which relative are you closest to (emotionally not distance wise) other than your parents?
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My eldest sister or my Nan, I alwasy love to phone them have a good yak about nothing in particular!!! ha ha ha ha....(Sisters good to have a laugh with, Nan is good to have a whinge to...always on my side!! heh hehe heh)

Question: Would you change anything about your partner? (including his family!! ha ha ha)If so, what would you change?
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A. Hmmmm..... I think I would change my husband so he would understand a little more on how I feel. For example: I am the one who always has to run to McDonald's, etc to get our dinners & lunches. I am the one who takes the cats to the vet, and I am the one who does the grocery shopping/cat shopping. So, I think I would change it so he would be the one to go do all of this. It's not fair that he can claim how lazy he is.....

Q. Who is your favorite Disney character?
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I know I only just played but I have to answer that!! My FAVE disney character is Sebastian the crab from "The Little Mermaid" he is just way tooooo cool!!! ("darlin ids bedder down where ids wedder under da sea...... )

Question: Whats you fave flower? and has anyone ever bought you a bunch?(sad I know but I can't think of anything ok?!!)
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My favorite flower is one that grows by my Grandfather's house, Honeysuckle. It smells so good, and is beautiful too! My hubby used to buy me flowers, but hasn't lately. The sweetest thing he ever did in that regard was when we were dating. He didn't have any money, but wanted to get me flowers so he picked a bunch of wild roses, sticking himself with about a zillion thorns!!

Question-Whats your all-time favorite movie?
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