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I have to think about that one. It would probably be 'Fight Club'; I love the ending! And Brad Pitt!

Ok, where is the wildest place you've been to? Like once I ended up camping out on a deserted island for a week in the Gulf of Mexico.
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My favorite movie of all time is Dances with Wolves with Kevin Costner. My favorite flower is the rose.

Question; Who was your favorite fictional character as a child?
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The wildest place I've ever been to...State of New York, club Limelight at the height of Rave Era! YES!

Favorite fictional character was Mighty Mouse!

Question: What would you do if you found a wallet filled with money, no credit cards, no name, nor any information whatsoever?
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A year or so ago, I probably would have answered "Just keep it and call me lucky", but these days, I'd either give it to my church or donate it to a local homeless shelter or food bank. (Seriously)

What childhood memory do you wish you could erase?

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None really. Bad or good, they have all contributed to the person I have become.

Q: What every day skill do you wish you were better at?
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A: communicating better with hubby and people here.

Q: What was your favorite childhood toy?
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My favorite childhood toy was Barbies.

Okay this is two questions:
What is your favorite Christmas song?
What is your least favorite christmas song?
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Fave= What Child is this?
although there are so many beautiful songs I could name as close seconds.

Least= any frivolous songs, like Frosty the Snowman, Up on the Housetop (Rooftop?).

Q?= Whats the one item besides turkey or ham, that is a MUST on your Thanksgiving table menu?
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Stuffing! Hubby loves stuffing, and has been known to make an entire box of the instant kind and eat it by itself for a meal.

Assuming you will be getting together with friends or family (and I know not everyone does) . . .

Is there a food that is usually served at Thanksgiving that you are hoping won't be made this year?
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I respect my instructor at my TaeKwonDo school. Grandmaster Hwang is a native of Korea, naturalized last April. He has a silver medal in Judo from the 1984 Olympics in L.A. and will be a torch carrier for the 2002 Olympic Games. He is a 7th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and Judo and a 6th Degree in HapKiDo.

OOPS: replied to the wrong message.

I hate oyster dressing...

What is your favorite game ot play with your cat?
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My favorite game to play with the cats is called "boxer kisses". The curious dogs love to get close to the cats so we try to get them all to kiss. With three boxers and two siamese cats it will be a love fest if it ever happens.


What do you do at home alone to relax??
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At home alone to relax, I crack open a cold bud, and log on to the catsite!!!

Q: What is the worst haircut you ever had?
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OMG it was awful....when I was about 15 I asked my mum to layer my hair - she always did my hair and it always turned out great....except this time.....she scooped up the top layer and for some reason cut it to about 1 inch long!!! Nooooo!! I had this line of 1 inch stuble round the front of my head!! I cried and cried for hours...then thankfully one of my sisters came to the rescue with a nifty head band!! I had to wear that darn thing till the stuble grew out!! ha ha ha ha ha

Question: What is your all-time favorite alcoholic drink?
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Oh poor Bud, (yes, I said Bud, long story, ) How awful about your haircut, but so sweet of your sister to help you!

In answer to your question............... BUD LITE!!!
But if we are talking mixed drinks, ameretto & coke, or a white russian! MMMMMMMMM

Question: milk chocolate or dark? (dark for me, )
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Eeeew!! Debby!! Dark choccy - BLECH!!!! ha ha ha ha.....mmmmm milk choccy or even better - WHITE chocolate!! yummmmmmm!! ha ha ha

Ok Sorry I can't think of a qestion so I'll let someone else think of a good one....
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I know Bud..er Bod answered this, but I have to give the other side, since she's way wrong! :LOL:
Dark chocolate! One of my fave treats is a Hersheys Dark Chocolate bar and a Cherry 7-Up...unbelievably good together!

Have you ever been arrested, and if so, what for? (no record of this will be filed! )
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Dark chocolate and cherry soda sounds like German chocolate cake. I like dark chocolate too, then milk, but white chocolate doesn't even have any cocoa in it, just the fat. Bleah. Oh well, that's why they make different kinds . . .

You know, I've never been arrested. Most of the people I know have been or have been detained for assorted reasons, but except for a few traffic tickets, I've never been on the wrong side of the law. I've done some stuff that I *should* have gotten into trouble for, but they didn't catch me so oh well. :tounge2:

What is one thing that you used to do, that you stopped doing, but that you really miss and wish you could do again?
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Ice skating...I used to skate in amateur competitions until I fell and busted my thumb almost clean in half. OUCH! I never got up again after that and I should of.

If you could have only one gift for Christmas what would that gift be?
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An aquarium with all the accessories and a gift certificate for fish from the Pet store I've wanted one since I was little. (Hubby and I are picking one out for me tomorrow : )

Q- Whats your favorite thing to have for breakfast?
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French Toast or anything that someone else makes! LOL

Now........what is your most memorable day? and Why?
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My most memorable day was many moons ago when I was in a band and we opened up for Loverboy! Woohoo! :LOL: Then was spotted by Sly Stone..(Sly and the Family Stone) and he came to see us a few times, but had no idea that was him. He invited me to join his new project, my band was filled with personality conflicts so I did...that was the end of my music career due to reasons that are Sly's personal affairs...and probably best not to disclose here. But, all in all, those were the days and some of my favorite memories ever!

What is the one most behavioral trait that bugs you about a person?
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Thread Starter 
I normally think in terms of traits that I do like in a person, and not ones that I don't, but here goes.

I would say the #1 trait that I like to stay as far away as possible from is dishonesty. More specifically, I don't like people who pretend to like you to your face, but talk about you behind your back, or have a problem with you that they don't address with you directly. I know that there are going to be people out there who don't like me, and that's fine, but I don't like it when they pretend they do, while talking behind my back. It's childish and immature. I'm a pretty sincere person, and I expect the same in return.

do you speak any other lauguages besides you native tongue?
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But I do ASL (sign language)

If you were president of the United States what is one law you would pass to help ALL the people?
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I'd pass a law that gives free necessary medical care to everyone. Canada has a wonderful system. We all have Health cards issued by the government and it entitles us to free care, even operations and such. pretty much the only thing we pay for is prescription medication. Some doctors offices make you pay small charges for certain services, but its nice to know if my son has a chest infection (which he gets regularly due to a birth defect) he can go to the Dr.'s and I won't have to pay for the office call. He stayed overnight in the hospital for complications due to one such infection and without my health card, it would have cost us nearly $5000.Ok, I've rambled enough

Q- Do you have a green thumb ( growing gardens, houseplants etc)?
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Houseplants no! Too many cats, not enough sun in any part of the house and I just don't have that green touch

Of all the I Love Lucy shows what was your favorite episode?
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OO! Ooo! The candy factory one! Where they are on the assembly line and Lucy ends up stuffing them in her mouth because the conveyer got out of control! Too funny!! I love to watch old episodes when I catch them on TV.

Gee Hissy, we're hogging this thread

Q- Do you believe in ghosts?
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A: I'm not really sure if I beleive in ghosts or not....there are some pretty weird unexplainable things that I have heard about, that make me wonder!

And AP, I just had to reply to your answer about what is the one personality trait you hate the most:

Quote by Airprincess:

I would say the #1 trait that I like to stay as far away as possible from is dishonesty. More specifically, I don't like people who pretend to like you to your face, but talk about you behind your back, or have a problem with you that they don't address with you directly. I know that there are going to be people out there who don't like me, and that's fine, but I don't like it when they pretend they do, while talking behind my back. It's childish and immature. I'm a pretty sincere person, and I expect the same in return.

I just wanted to say that I agree with you 100% on that answer AP, if I had answered it that is exactly what I would have said. I know that not everyone is going to like me, and that is fine, but I would rather have someone come right out and say, "hey, I don't really like you too much" (and maybe explain why, just so I know) rather than act like they like me and have no problem with me, then go behind my back and talk about all the things they hate about me. People like that really bug me.

Q: If you could go back to high school for one day, is there any certain thing you would do or say that you didn't do then?
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That was quite a story

I would go back to my sophmore year where I was picked to do a solo of The Battle Hymn for choir in front of the whole school. I got cold feet right before the performance and gave the song over to someone else. I would sing it myself this time.

If you could meet a famous author who would it be? Living or dead
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I'm not really sure what story you are talking about Hissy

But anyway, if I could meet any author, it would be Stephen King....I love his books.

Q: Speaking of books, what is your favorite?
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that told the story??? About a best friend that hurt you???.....brain fart on my end..sorry......

Favorite book is a toughie I have so many- But Insomnia by Dean Koontz has to be a recent favorite

If you could spend a romantic weekend with a actor who would it be and where would it be?
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