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Here's a game  

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a long time ago we had a thread where every came on and answered a question and then asked one of their own. It was really interesting and popular. We have SO many new members since then so I think it will be fun to bring it back. Basically you just answer the question in the last post and then ask one of your own.

Here goes-

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?
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I would be Wonder Woman- (obvious reasons)

OK.......What TV show would you like to guest star on?
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I would like to guest star on Saturday Night Live because I think I can be funny without being sick or perverted. . . . . If you could spend a day with anyone famous (living or dead) who would you choose and (briefly) why?
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I would love to have spent one day with the Beatles and not when they were on stage, but afterward when they were kicking back and just relaxing and hanging out.

If you could change one event in history, what would that event be? And why?
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I know it wasn't an event, so to speak, but slavery. So many people dislike the black people, and so many still hate the white people And, if you ask me it is really ridiculous. While I don't blame black people for disliking white people (and I am not saying ALL people, but there are still some), I think it will stop, but unfortunately it won't. I hope I didn't stir something up...... It is just my opinion, and I think it is sad the way people think. I mean really....... Who cares what color we are? I could care less if one of you is green..... We are humans and we have feelings, and we have personality, and that is what counts: not the color of our skin!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
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Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia! (wish I had some now!)

If you could have one trouble free area in your life what would it be and why?
1. Love
2. Money
3. Health
4. Other (what?)

btw...I love this game!
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Health. I've got the love & money isn't the most important thing in life. I have a few major health issues that if were corrected I would then be a very happy woman.

If you had to live in any other country, which would it be and why?
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I'd choose to live in Germany, land of beautiful classical music and architecture.

What talent or skill do you wish you had? What would you do with it?


Edit: Oooh, I forgot about the beer aspect D'oh!
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I would love to be able to play numerous different instruments unbelievably well (including the Sax!! whhhooooohooo!)!!!

If there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be and why?
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I'd like to change my tendency to over eat because then I'd thinner and healthier.

Do you belong to any other sites where you chat on a message board?
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I don't chat anywhere else, but I do visit the obgyn.net board to keep up w/ health issues. And I love to surf around the news sites like abc.com and cnn.com

So, what is your favorite fast food restaurant and what is your favorite meal there??
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Here in Texas we have Whataburger and that is my favorite and my favorite meal there is the grilled chicken sandwich WITH CHEESE, french fries and a Dr. Pepper. They have the best fries.

What household chore to you hate the most?
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I hate to say McDonald's, but there you go. I love a Big Mac and the fried when they are really hot and freshly salted. Quarter Pounders with Cheese are good too if they are freshly made.

But, Taco Bell crunchy tacos, in that meal with the Mexican pizza are good. I miss an Italian place from Boston, Papa Gino's is it? that had a Papa Platter of ziti, 2 meatballs and 2 ravioli that was very good. Cortina's pizza in Sudbury, Ont. Ooo, Maria's pizza in Beverly, MA, if they're still there or Bill'n'Bob's roast beef. Ultimate Fish Sandwich at Long John Silver. Wendy's bacon cheeseburger. KFC popcorn chicken. Del Taco quesadillas. Fried zucchini at Carl's Jr. In-and-Out Burger. D'Angelo's number nine sandwhich. Of course half these places are in other states, and it's not like I live on junk food, but . . .

Can you tell it's LUNCH TIME here? :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

What is the grossest food you've ever eaten? Something actually presented as a food item, not like eating dog biscuits on a dare.
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Oops, Sunlion I think we must have replied at the same time. I hope that's okay.

Can someone answer/ask more than once (not like what happened with Sunlion and I but say read another question I wanted to answer and had another question to ask)?
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I'll answer Sunlion's and Sfell's questions....

Sunlion: The grossest food was Aki (Aqui) with salt fish (I'm not sure how you spell it). I had it in Jamaica...it looks like scrambled eggs but has the most hideous taste...I thought I would die.

Sfell: I HATE cleaning the bathtub more than anything else.

Question: Outside of family members, who do you most admire and why?
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that must have been calf brains - the way it was presented it looked like scrambled eggs...

What is your favorit TV series past or present and why??
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Seinfeld because it was a really funny show:laughing2

If you could go back in time to any year what year would be and why?
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The grossest food I've ever tasted was mushrooms! I hate them.
I hate ironing
I admire the president of the united states
I like Apollo or Crown Burgers. They are charbroiled. I love gyros!
I wish I had singing talent. I would sing alot of things. I want to sing with mariachis. I will love to spend the day with Oprah or Montel William because I admire their shows.
I would love to go back in time to the western era. Ride horses, getting along well with both cowboys and native americans.
The event that I would like to change is the mistreatment of native americans because they are the first americans and they were lied to, betrayed, and taken off their lands.
The thing that I would like to change is getting a positive attitute. Also I am too trusting.

There, I am finished. Now here is my question:

If you were the President of the United States, what things would you do to make the country a better place to live?
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Is make prescriptions tax deductible and make sure all Americans had good health and dental coverage. I would also make it mandatory that all billionaires set aside enough money per year to feed all the starving children in the United States.

If you could participate in one sport in the Olympics what sport would that be and why?
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If you could be your spouse/significant other for a day, would you? Why or why not?

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Yes I'd like to be my b/f for a day. Even though he has a very tough job, he's a mason/hod carrier, he always has such a happy positive attitude when he gets off work, whereas I tend to piss and moan about some of my less desirable customers.

If you could completely erase 1 event in your life, what would it be and why?
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The event I would erase is the loss of our second child, I miss her terribly

Question: If you could go safely explore any planet in our solar system, which one would it be and why?
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I just wanted to interject really quickly that you can answer as many times as you want!
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Question: If you could go safely explore any planet in our solar system, which one would it be and why?

Saturn! I would like to see what the rings look like up close.

If you could afford any vehicle you wanted, which would you buy?
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I would most definitely buy a Chevy Tahoe.

What's the most extravagent thing you've ever bought for yourself?
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OK - I want to play again as long as you said it was ok! The most extravagent thing I have bought myself ws another old used car before the one I was driving died! It was a first for me!

NOW.....Who is the person from history that you would most like to spend the day with and know personally?
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Jane Goodall the woman who worked with gorillas

If you were stranded on a desert island and only had one item with you what would that item be?
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Assuming I had food and water available, I'd bring a really good book to pass the time, preferably one by John Saul, one of my favorite authors.

Question: If you could talk to any cartoon character in real life, which one would it be?
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I would talk to the entire Scooby Doo gang and ask them why they always went to haunted places, and always insisted on *splitting up*!?!?! I would also ask them who made all the rubber masks that were used as disguises.

But I guess if they were normal teens hanging out at the mall they wouldn't be on TV.

Question: what two people from different times in history would you like to introduce to each other and listen to the ensuing conversation?
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Einstein to Stephen Hawkings

Would you ever moon someone?
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