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Problem with kittens?Or am I paranoid?

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Hi guys
well my bengal kittens are about 3 1/2 weeks old now. I noticed a few days ago that one of the kittens eyes were somewhat crusty and one of her eyes was glued halfway shut. Then yesterday a boy had slightly crusty eyes. They all seem to have cleared up but can anyone tell me if that is normal? There is no runny noses. I think I heard a couple of sneezes but only like two or three times. They all seem to have clear eyes today. Was that a mild URI or is it normal for them to get some crust in thier eyes sometimes?
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I would call you vet and discuss it with him/her. I fostered kittens this summer and didn't have any of that.
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It's common in young kittens and easy to treat.Just take some warm salt water and clean the eyes daily. Use a clean tissue/cotton ball for each eye.Using the same one will just pass on the infection.If the infection does not go away go to a pharmacy and ask for polysporin eye drops and use for 7 days.It should clear up the infection. Hope this helps,no worries.
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CJ (who is a stray cat's kitten, not a purebred) has a form of herpes (not serious, humans can NOT contract) that causes eye infections every now and then. Some amoxicillian and some eye cream clears it up. If that is what it is, you have nothing to worry about. You just have to clean it when it gets infected with a warm, wet cotton ball. However, if it gets nasty, and looks bad, and it just generally looking serious, she/he need to go to the vet for some amoxicillian and eye cream. I would suggest bringing one of them down to the vet and getting a sure diagnosis, however, just to make sure it isn't a URI. If they all have the same symptoms, you should only have to bring one of them down, and tell the vet about the rest with the same symptoms, and he/she shouls give you enough medicine for all of them. Good luck!
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Everythings great today. All eyes clear and bright and no crust....whew!!! Thanks all. Im glad so far it was nothing.
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Glad they've all cleared up!!!
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