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Do you get jealous?

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I'm really getting jealous of my bf!!!
My bf feeds teufel Only a little bit of Ham, and other things that arent cat food, He will be harsh to teufel. Would even give him another live mouse. throws things at teufel, (but doesnt hit him) when he is bad.
Teufel has learned not to do certain things like scratch the couch or make noise. As soon as bf turns around from his chair, teufel knows he has done something wrong and is ready to escape.
BUT teufel always runs to my bf as soon as he gets home,
He jumps on the bed when bf has gone into bed.
WHen bf picks him up for a cuddle he starts purring.
And now he is even sitting on bfs lap purring.
Where as now teufel only comes to me when he wants food.
When i am cleaning teufel comes and attacks me,
he keeps on thinking my arm is a female cat in heat.

Why doesnt he love me anymore
I didnt do anything wrong except spoil him with toys and treats!
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Awwwww Fwan tell him not to throw things at Teufel!

Teufel will be scared of him regardless.

And as for being jealous!, pfffttt a dangerous word if ever there was one!!, no one is worth getting jealous over.
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Ohh its not like those Jealousies where i go mental over it.
It just upsets my feelings a little bit coz teufel attacks me for no reason, and he hurts!
Bf only throws socks or teufels teddies at him.

*i think jealous is a bit different in my dictionary as its not a bad word*
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