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funny pics

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here my cat Darius.

with my husband
"My boys"

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aww your cat is so beautiful!
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Wow hes a sweetheart! I just wanna climb in the monitor and give him a good belly-rub!
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what a handsome boy! I just love his face and great color!
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Darius is gorgeous, love all the pics!
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Thank you fwan, Cirque, dmcwlvssr and babygirl!
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Aww...Darius is so adorable! He's a bit of a clown, isn't he! Too funny!
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Awww, Darius is a cutie! What funny pics!
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Great pictures!!! Darius is beautiful!!!
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Darius has perhaps the most gorgeous coat I have ever seen on a cat. Such a unique color!!! I love that last picture of him where his eyes are crossed
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How lovely - what a contented cat Darius is. He's so handsome.
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Wow. What a lovely cat. He is handsome. What a big boy.
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Does he love bellyrubs as much as it seems? Beautiful kitty!
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He's so beautiful!!! Definately want to give him belly rubs!!
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Cute, cute cute!
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What a charmer!!! Darius is SUCH a cutie pie!
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Aww.... thank you all!

When i trying to rub his belly he's kicking me
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What really cute cat, lovely colour, nice pics
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