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how to stop the neighbours cats bothering mine!

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Hya all

Im new to this forum. I have one kitten called Stitch. Shes 10 months old. In my street there are about 10 other cats. 3 of which frequently come into my house through the cat flap. She plays with them outside fine, but HATES them in the house.

I had a staywell infra red catflap so only stitch could come in, but she has real problems opening it. the catch is on a timer but she waits until the lock has closed again before tring to come in and gets blocked. (shes very cute, but not that bright )

So i have gone back to my regular cat flap.

When the other cats come in I have tried hissing at them, and spraying water at them and they wont come in if they see me, but at night they come in and I have to break up several fights.

Has any one got any ideas on how to discourage other cats from coming in.


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Unfortunately, if the cat flap is open, the other cats - and any other type of animal - will also be able to come in. You may consider building some sort of outdoor enclosure or area that Stitch can go into from the catflap, but I gather that you want Stitch to be able to play with the other cats outside - just not inside the house - and that wouldn't solve that problem. What I would suggest is that you keep Stitch in at night and lock the flap for the night. I know it isn't the favoured solution for you, but the fights could become very serious and your cat could be hurt or worse. She sounds like a friendly cat but she has every right to protect her own territory from invaders which is what she is doing. Good luck.

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Ya I would keep her in at night too if it was me, but then I don't let my cats out in the first place. Are all these neighborhood cats fixed? cuz if they aren't then that doesn't help the fighting problem any. Unfixed cats, especially males are too territorial to all get along in the same area without being neutered.

And, I hope your cat is fixed if you are letting her out because I am going to assume not all these neighborhood cats are fixed and you are going to wind up with a bunch of kittens if she isn't. Also these other cats will start to spray in your house if they haven't already. Not to assume you are irresponsible like that or anything, but I am just mentioning it...
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Stitch is was fixed before i ever let her out. Im not sure about the other cats. they don't spray in my house so maybe they are.

I am trying the infra red staywell cat flap again. Im currently trying to teach her how to use it while im about so i can helkp if she gets stuck.

Stitch is slowly learning . she can now manage to use it properly about half the time, and she is developing a trick to open it backwards as well.

I hope she learns how to use it properly all the time, as shes a night cat and hates being locked in at night.

does anyone else use one of these staywell infra red cat flaps? or knows of other good sensor cat flaps.
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