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Maine in distress!

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Don't know if anyone out there can help, but a home is needed for a Maine Coon called Ashley. His owner is soon moving abroad, and he'll be homeless! I can't take him in as my two will go spare. He is 7 years old and loveable. It's a damn shame. He's in a smallish house in Leeds, England at the moment, but needs somewhere big (which he once had) to stretch his legs.
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I'm so sorry to hear about this poor kitty. I live way too far away to help. I hope someone close by has a home and can adopt that poor kitty.
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Hmmm Orlok I would love to help you out....!!! How is he with other cats though.. cos I have four already, 3 boys and one girl?? Leeds isn't too far from me so I'll help if I can... (of course Id have to consult hubby about this... hee hee) If you have any more info about him, pleeeeeease let me know!!! I have a couple of other people who are looking for a cat too, my mum for one who doesn't have any other pets and they have a HUGE garden (enclosed and away from a main road..) So pleeease let me know and I really try to help!!!
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Orlok I just sent you a PM, I can have the cat if thats ok with you!!!! Pleeeease Pleeeease Pleeeease get in touch!!! Im soooo excited!!!
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