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Also moving, but with two...

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I currently live in a 2 bedroom townhouse. I will be moving soon, most likely to a one bedroom single level. My younger cat is used to moving, because I did that a lot in college. My older cat has only been with me since September, so I haven't moved in the time that I've had him. Does anyone have advice about the best way to move them into the new apartment? I will make sure I have all of my stuff over there, so they are the last things in, short of cleaning supplies. Should I bring them both over at the same time? Would it be better to let one explore, and then bring the other over? If so, do I bring the dominant cat first (who is the older but newer resident) or the somewhat submissive cat?
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I have moved with cats a number of times. Yes, bring them both over at the same time because each other is someone who is famiiar to them and even though one is dominant and the other more passive, they will find each other's company reassuring. Some of the things I found helpful is to provide continuity between the old and the new, so don't wash their bedding or blankets before they get to the new place. By the same token, don't wash their litter pans for the week before - keep them clean and scooped out, yes, but make sure it has some of the litter in it from the old place and when you set up the boxes in the new place, they will still smell the same and familiar.

When you get them there, put the carriers down in a room where most of their things are with the litter boxes already and food and water out for them as well. Make sure they have hidey places that are accessible for you and that the room is cat proofed before you let them out. Let them see each other in their carriers as well, then open the carriers and just let the cats come out in their own time. Be with them but don't be right on top of them so you can keep a watchful eye while they explore. They will explore together, then separate, then come back and sniff each other and then explore some more. Introducing them separately to the new place will risk one of them having a different smell than the other and perhaps not recognizing each other as 'familiar'. They will be stressed enough as it is and you don't want any chance that they might view each other as strangers and get into a fight. You want to have positive re-inforcements available to help them adapt to their new home. You might also want to just have a few small treats around in various parts of teh apartment for them to discover as they explore, making sure if one finds them and the other doesn't, that you give the other a few too.

Good luck

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