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kitten having nightmares

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is this normal? my kitten sometimes cries in his sleep or lets out loud meows, like he's scared. has anyone else experienced their cats having nightmares? i feel so bad for him (but think its adorable, at the same time).
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how old is this kitten? If she is under year old, it could be separation anxiety and a snugglepet will help
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he's 9wks. he had the bad dream while DH was holding him. also, we've both been home all day over the last two days. i hope hes not missing his kitty mommy. that makes me too sad to think about where can I buy a good snugglepet? (online pref.)
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Hmmm... I'd say the snuggle pet too. Though I've never had a problem like that, nor a snuggle pet, I've heard wonders about them! CJ and Billy have had one or two in their life, but, they aren't constant. I'm not sure. Good luck!
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Snugglepet I would highly recommend one. At his age, he should still be with mom and siblings and he is more than likely missing the contact with them.
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My Shadow kitty had those problems, she had some bad nightmares and would wake up with almost a screaming meow and look around scared half to death.. then she would see me and calm down and go back to sleep.. of course she was 3 weeks old when we got her ... i kept her in a large pouch pocket i made in one of my shirts til she was old enough to go romping around .. then she would get tired and come get in the pocket and go to sleep. I work from home so that worked well for me, but a snugglepet would definaly help.
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I got my kitten Stitch at 6 weeks old. She frequently had nightmares for a few weeks. She had a squishy doll of Stitch (from lelo and stitch) that she slept with, this helped and also when she woke she seemed to be conforted by nibbling my little finger. I guess it was like she was feeding.

But now at 10 months she has formed a habit if always licking peoples when shes feeling happy. I think its very cute, but straingers think its odd that she introduces herself by licking their hands.
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