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8 or 11 weeks??

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I am curious .. i have heard that some people like to take kittens away from their mother at 8 weeks... basically they no longer need their mother at that time and they are cuter because they are younger.

However i have also read that a kitten leaving it's mother at 11 weeks old gives a more balanced cat because they have learned to behave properly from their mother and several other cat skills.

Which age is appropriate to take kittens away from their mother to go to a new home?
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Both- 8 weeks is the minimum age that kittens should be adopted out and taken away from their mother. At this age they are able to eat on their own, etc. However, some choose to keep the kittens with their mom until 11-12 weeks old. While it may not necessarily mean a more balanced cat, it does mean more time learning from mom and siblings about socializing with the feline species. During the first 8 weeks kittens learn everything needed for survival away from mom and siblings. Whether kittens are adopted out at 8 weeks or 11 weeks is more of a personal preference, I think. Some that adopt out at 8 weeks do so because of limited resources (i.e. money and time it takes to keep the kittens 3 extra weeks). I think (I coule be wrong) that most breeders opt to keep kittens until about 11-12 weeks. I'm interested to see what others think though
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Definately 12 weeks at least. They need to learn proper social skills during this time and will not be able to if seperated before 12 weeks of age. For a good article go to my website at http://www.littleleopardcats.com and click on the FAQ and then there will be a link on the article under the question "Why can't I take my kitten home sooner the 12 weeks old?"
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As a breeder, I choose to keep my kittens until 12 weeks of age as a general rule. They are better socialized, they have had all three of the vaccinations in the kitten series, and I am confident there are no health or behavioral issues. I have, on guarded decision, made the choice to release a kitten to a specific kitten buyer earlier on than 12 weeks - but it was due to the fact that I had no doubt at all in my mind the person in question would follow my recommendations as to vet visits for the remaining vaccine and other care. In fact, he is a TCS member even though he doesn't post much. I have also made the decision to keep a kitten longer than 12 weeks - I did so because the kitten in question had not matured as quickly as her litter mates and needed that extra time here with her mother and with me.

I think 8 weeks is too early for most kittens though - 10 weeks is the barest minimum I will let a kitten go.

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Good link! That's very true. Unfortunately, most kittens around here go around 8 weeks with the adoption finalized only when they get spayed/neutered. Bert and Ernie were only 1 1/2 weeks old when they were pulled from their mom b/c of injury and illness. So they were my tiny little beat-the-odds bottle babies. I'm trying to think of what they'd be like if they grew up with a feline mom.
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The breeder I am getting sundance from won't allow him to come to me until he is 12 weeks I am impatient but want the best for my boy so I am willing to wait, (I can say that now cause i only have a week to wait! but it was so hard!)
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Speaking for feral kitties, 12 weeks. I know that some people insist that 12 week old kittens that are feral can't be reached, but I beg to differ. They are no more feral at 12 weeks then they are at 6 or 8. At 12 weeks mom is ready to let them go as well and has taught them all the necessary skills they need to survive. Then it is my turn to show them humans can be kind and that they can be trusted-
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Then i will be keeping any kittens that my girls have til 12 weeks .. 11 at bear min.

Thank you .. i was wondering what the real reason that they said 11 instead of 8 .. i was already leaning HEAVILY towards 11 ... now i can lean towards 12 !!
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Wow I learned something ... I always thought six to eight weeks for cats and 8-10 for the dog ... I got Kandie at 11 weeks she was there too long, but that I think was due to being the only girl with four brothers... Around where I live I see Kitties going home at 4-6 weeks .. that i knew was way to young
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