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New to forum, the Cat supremacist

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Hello! My name is Kelly, and I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills with my uncle and two cats (oh, there's an old d-a-w-g too, and a horse and a cow).
I was depressed when I first moved here, but after I got Skadi (my aby-calico female) from the pound, I perked right up. She's very skittish, and not very trusting, but I gained her trust and her quirky, sweet personality came out. Our life was going really well, until my uncle brought a Manx kitten, who I named Magnus, home. He said the kitty (a tailess, bobcat looking guy) was homeless and no one wanted him. I found out later that an irresponsible owner took him for a ride in his convertible, and he jumped out at the store. My uncle took him home. Apparantly many others wanted him because he'd roll over on his belly and look demurely at them (pet my belly). He was so little, with these big huge feet. He tried to be friends with Skadi, but she wanted nothing to do with him. He made himself extremely comfortable here from the minute he moved in. I viewed her as the culprit of their emnity, but started noticing he "hunted" her, but has never, in four years, hurt her. He just keeps trying to take over different parts of the house. He just intimidates her, but it has gotten better since I keep him in my room alot of the time. This cat is the weirdest cat I have even been owned by. He will fall asleep in a tree, fetch, totally empty my drawers, try to turn the door handle, and other normal things such as bringing me my lunch (not my kind of cuisine though). He once was watching me eat a turkey sandwich, then reached over and yanked out a piece of turkey with his claw. He put it in his mouth and RAN under the bed and ate it.
There's a black stray (spayed) female that we feed. He sits there and looks out the window at her all the time. The other day Magnus and I went outside to hunt gophers. He saw her and attacked her, fur flying. He chased her (he's real fast) into the engine of an old Ford, and I had to pull him out of the engine to get him away from her. He gets so angry when I bring him in. First, he snorts, then growls, then hisses. The next day he was in the window, and I looked out and this stray cat (kitty girl) was teasing him, holding a squiggling gopher in her mouth, while looking at him. She has done this twice. Can other cats be racists (they have tails) or does Magnus think he's superior? I have to admit, he's spoilt. But I can't help it, he requires so much interaction and follows me *everywhere* I go. His nose is always in my food. He has to be in the bathroom when I am bathing, going potty or brushing my teeth. He must be supervised outside and his coat requires daily brushing. His tummy requires daily massage. What am I supposed to do when he lies on his back and looks at me?
My cousin came to visit and chastised me for favoring Magnus. Here's how she described it: she said it was like a mother with two kids who bragged constantly about one child, and then threw in a word or two about the other, quiet one. She made me feel really bad. I explained he requires more attention than Skadi. Is this unusual? What can I do about it? I guess that is my biggest "issue." I guess I do favor him, and feel really bad about it. My other cat has adopted my uncle. Am I a "bad mommie" or would a cat like this have that effect on anyone?

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P.S. I have tried to give Skadi more attention, but she rejects it, doesn't like being picked up and would prefer "food offerings." Which is why she's gotten fat. The only time she likes me is when I go near the kitty treats.
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I'll move this to Behavior for you.

To me it sounds like Magnus is just a more demanding kitty. My Trent is like that with me - very demanding of my attention. Ophelia prefers hubby to me, so it works out OK. But she is very demanding of HIS attention...
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Hans is a rescue I brought home in September. He's 14, and has never really adapted to the new home and the three other kitty roomates. He keeps to himself. I never feel bad about showering attention on the other three, because I know that Hans gets nervous when I try it with him. Every so often he'll come running up to me purring, and I'll give him a few strokes until he gets fed up and puts his teeth on me. It's like we know we love each other, and we're comfortable with just that knowledge.

Does your cousin have multiple cats? She should know that every cat wants and needs a different kind and amount of attention. Not all of them want to be carried around and sung to. Some just like laying on the desk next to ya.
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Cats are not racists. Only humans are racists. Cats have a particular pecking order they follow. And when you put more than one cat together they have to figure out who is in charge and then things just fall into place.

I have a Manx and what you have described is typical Manx behavior. Manx's like to sleep in low-lying places so try and provide different levels for the manx to sleep on.
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Yeah, I don't know what racism has to do with the situation?

Basically you have two cats -- and you spend more time and energy on one compared to the other.

Does the cat getting less attention ever seem jealous? You assume all cats crave constant attention or somehow want to be top cat. Skadi might be perfectly happy and accepting of her status/role in your home.

And of course a lively cat with a unique personality will generate more amusing anecdotes to share with your non-cat owning friends. Today he did this, yesterday he did that...etc. What would you say about Skadi? "Today she slept for three hours, then went to sit on the windowsill for an hour, then came over and was petted for five minutes." That's not a very exciting story but that doesn't mean she isn't a valued pet.

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this is the way my male and female act. The male is a loverboy, but the female is very aloof. It's not unusual.
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What a attention kitty you have. Of course when they do "cute" things you are going to give them more attention-you are just reinforcing what they do. I had an attention getter in Sheba. She was always in your face. She loved heights and if my husband went on the roof of the house she would climb up the ladder after him. She climbed on the metal roof of my garden shed which was 16 feet from the ground, then the trusses of our other garage 23 ft off the ground. Some days I would want to pull my hair out!! That's just the way she was. I have others how don't even approach what she used to do. I agree that you need to pay attention to them equally. Magnus needs to learn the rules of the house as he seem to be making up his own rules.
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