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I got a laugh out of your post I can just see your kitties chasing the beetles :tounge2:, my Onyx does that too. Of course hes a bit 'pudgy' so he rarely catches them, but he sure does try! The birdfeeder in our yard has been abandoned of late, as Onyx's favorite resting spot is directly under it Do you think he believes they won't see him lying there? He is happiest when hes outside scratching on a big log near my garden, he gets this look of ecstasy on his face He seems to have no interest in the mulitudes of cat toys inside the house, crazy guy
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But they do try, but these insane beetles can fly loops at a moment's notice, and I kid you not there are at least 30 of these things at a time flying around when the rains first come. It is really eerie at night because they fly by you and you can hear them but not see them. I keep thinking I am being attacked by bees or something. We only see them for a few short weeks during the rainiest part of the year when the creek overflows. I read up on them and they burrow into creek embankments and when the water comes, they take flight to find drier ground. They really are funny- and very talented at staying away from cats who want to play with them.
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My cat Soltie's favorite toy is a shoestring or to play fetch with one of her little furry mice toys. My other cat, Sadie, loves to play with Soltie's tail; however, Soltie is not real wild about that and is soon play with Sadie's head.
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My cat Muffy is quite a snob and usually won't play with anything (except Puffy). However, a month or two ago, my parents went to New Orleans and brough the kids back a bunch of Mardi Gras beads. Muffy loves these! If you even pick up a necklace, she'll come running from where ever she is in the house to play with them. She is absolutely crazy about them. She's one strange cat...
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All my cats have different taste in toys,but they all seem to love the Cypurr Mouse.When they meow or touch the mouse it makes taunting noises and scurries around on the floor.

Twinkles-Wool and feathers.!

Tigger-He loves to play with String.

Pepper-Here's the toy king.Pepper love's everything.He likes catnip the most.Whenever I swat a bug with the fly swatter Pepper runs up to me and cries for the bug I just killed.He likes furry mouses,yarn,boxes,bags,Christmas trees and everything else he can get his paws on.

Mimi & Vader-They love furry mouses and boxes.
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Arizona is also a toy freak!

The little fur mice are probably her absolute favorites. She tries to bury them in my shoes--unfortunately, she usually drops the darned thing before she gets to the opening. And do fur mice at anyone else's house mysteriously become bald and tailless after a couple of days?

She also loves the "feather on a stick" teaser toys--sometimes she'll pick up the end of the stick with her teeth to make the feather move, and then pounce on it

Balls are fun too; especially the furry ones, or the ones with the bells in them.

Paper bags apparently make wonderful beds.

And she is also a catnip fiend--she nearly knocked the package out of my hand the other night while I was "refreshing" her scratching posts.

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Dani Night Stalker also chews up her furry mice. She's been through several of them over the past few months. Many have been chewed to the point of losing their little noisemakers. Her first one was so mangled, I could barely recognize it.

Other than the mice chewing, she's really crazy about little paper balls... She looks like a soccer player as she bats it around the room. The only thing that keeps her interest more is the occasional bug that gets in the house. I think spiders are her next favorite toy, except that she eats them... then looks at me like, where is it?

What a sweety!

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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My babies love the fake mice (imagine my horror when I caught my Seminole playing with a real mouse EW!), anything attached to a string, and boxes..they all love boxes.
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A funny thing just happened my husband and I decided to clean out under the stove..of course, I had just commented on missing mice- we found about 20 cat toys hiding under the stove. Im sure my babies feel like we hit the jackpot!!! One other thing they love is the flashlight....
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Sunshine doesn't really play with anything ( and trust me, I've bought plenty of things for her ), but she does like paper. Especially if she finds a small piece on the floor that she can push with her paws.
But she does a favorite thing to lay on. She absolutely LOVES to lay on the dry cleaning bag that my husband shirts come in ( the clear plastic ones ). If he lays them on the bed or on the floor she is there!! Its so funny, she literally concks out.
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Gizmo has a favorite toy: it's a cat wand, well, it isn't really anymore because the wand is gone .... It's just the piece of fabric (stretch type) w/ a puff ball on the end, that I got from Target. Anyways, he growls when he has it ...... He walks up to Gizmo or Scooter & growls to show that the toy is "mine" :laughing: He also has a soft fabric Froggie that he claimed as his when I bought it. You can get them at PetsMart.

Fluffy has a favorite mouse that she likes to play with -- it's the typical furry mouse w/ the little beads inside it, but this one is much more furrier .... I guess she figures it looks like her :LOL: The thing that kinda sucks, though, is you just can't go to PetsMart & buy the type she likes -- this one came in the stocking bag from there, and the prior to that one, I got in an Easter one from PetsMart.

Cinnamon likes anything, and will play catch with me, or bat it back.

Scooter likes just about anything you give him, and he likes to steal toys.

Tigger .... her main toy is her cat wand that I bought for her when I brought her home as a kitten ..... It's a cat wand w/ a string, and it has interchangeable toys ...... Right now it has a leather tassel at the end. She carries that around & cries a pitiful meow when she wants to play.
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My 2 cats (Socks and Boo-formerly Jingle and Belle) love the fuzzy balls rolled in catnip. They go crazy over them! Their other favorite toy is something that came with a book that I got about keeping your cat entertained when it is home alone. It is a thin metal wire that clips onto the side of a door, a chair leg, etc. and at the end there is a white puff ball. When they try to grab it, then wire bounces back and forth and they jump at it to try and catch the ball. They play with it for hours!!
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Dani's favorite and only toy she likes is the red laser light.

I got her a furry mouse, she took one look, paused, and backed away behind a chair!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

I left it out, and she just sniffed it. OOh well....I wish I had another toy she liked, but she seems bored with everything else we have...it has to be interactive or she has no interest.
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All three of our kitties love balls, our oldest, Cherokee, loves super balls, she loves to run after them and play soccer with our two boy kitties and plays fetch with us. They also like a furry thing that is supposed to look like a mouse? It's on a string and we attach it to a kittystick. They also love a little tunnel we have for them that has a ball at the end of one side, they run thru it and play quite a while with that. My glasses, sun or eye glasses. Bottle tops, used for soccer, anything catnip filled and my husbands jewelry. He makes Natice American jewelry and the kitties love to play with the beads and bones.

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I almost forgot, they have a catnip filled fish teddy bear, they go nuts for that.
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Rascal's favorite toy is stuffed snake that belonged to my brother. He wrestles with it and it reminds me of a lion carrying his prey. Very cute!
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