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Your Cat's Favorite Toy

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what is your cat's (all of them ) favorite toy(s)?

here's what my kitties like:

peanutbutter: catnip fuzzballs
nerdles: not really a toy, but she's always around the catgrass
nothin': catnip anything; as long as it's catnip, he's there!
wubbles: fake furry mice, the pyramid of teas and paper rolled into a ball (her favorite, and why - I don't know)
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My cats LOVE catnip. Mollie Rose, my oldest tortie, LOVES kitty grass. Favorite toys are as follows - fake furry mice, balled up pieces of tin foil, milk jug rings, and anything else they can get their paws on such as lip balm (if left on my dresser), pencils, chopsticks, clothespins, etc.

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My kitties love their furry mice the best ( we have them in all colors- even red and green ones for Christmas). They also like these plastic balls with catnip inside, their little mouse on a string with a bell and their crinkle balls (made from shiny foil type stuff) My cat Loco loves empty toilet paper rolls, and my kitten Missy like to bat a piece of her dry food around the floor. Our kitties have their own little toy box, and believe it or not, they actually go to it and choose a toy to take out and play with !! Its so cute!
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4 of our kitties favorite toy is the dog...... go figure.

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My cats favorite toy is this toy mouse when they touch it it squeaks they love it
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My cats favorite playtoys are my fish. They make good cat "TV".
They also like soft balls, string, boxes and bags.
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Not really a toy but she prefers things she 'finds'. Her current favorite is bubble wrap. If the piece is small enough she will carry it around to various rooms and/or dip it into her water dish. With larger pieces she likes to lie on them - either just her head or her whole body.

She also has a toy box where I stash her 'stuff' at least once a day! She also goes in & drags out whatever in there interests her. Particularly does this at night while I'm asleep. She used to sleep on the bed but for several months now has been sleeping in the living room. I think she finds it more interesting there where she can drag stuff out & strew around the living room to entertain herself. (My Crazy Kitty!)

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Simon loves a stuffed toy that is a pink carrot that my husband won at the carnival-definetly a boobie prize, but he loves it and takes it everywhere.
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Morris and I play with string-he loves to chase the string and jump to catch it.
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My kitties favorite toy, woudl be the hair bands that you can buy at the store. The fuzzy ones. He likes for me to snap them across the room and he will chase after them and bring them back. When I am busy I see him snapping them to chase. It is so cute.
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Lately Loki's favorite toy is an old towel, second to that is this platics ring that I have attached to a thick elastic string after that it's the feather duster (he regularly beats up on the yellow bird) hehehehehe
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Snowball's all-time favorite toy is his wand toy with a fake furry mouse on the end of an elastic string. He loves to chase the little furry mouse and pounce on it.

Another favorite toy Snowball enjoys is a suction cup toy with a plastic ball and bell on top of a flexible stick. Whenever we try to attach the suction cup end to an object Snowball pulls it loose immediately. He likes to lie on his back and chew on the ball while his back feet are kicking at the suction cup end.
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Ok lets see , there are so many.
Mishka loves his red catnip mouse, just the red one mind you.
Monty - any soft ball he can play catch with
Moofey-Banjo's Tail(banjo is our dog) and his grooming glove.
Roxane-her collection of furry toys
Baby Bindi -My unicorn bookmark and my gold heart locket.
But I still say that their all time favorite toy has to be "ME"

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Striker's favorite toy seems to be his "sister" Sassy! He's also fond of anything dangled from a string. Now that he's the "old" cat of the house, he acts with more grace and dignity (until we're not looking and he tries to drink from the big plant vase by sticking his face down in it!)

Sassy, on the other hand, is completely fascinated by the Turbo Scratcher, her food, jingle balls, Striker's tail, Mom and Dad's fingers and toes.(She's quite feisty!)


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Striker's fetish for brown paper grocery bags/sacks!
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Satey likes balls - tennis balls are his fave but he has various others including a heavy red ball from our old trackball mouse and a jingle ball for cats.

Gus loves to play with just about anything. He has a ball-in-a-donut-track toy which he drags out of the corner where we store it just to play with it, a crinkly tunnel thing, and most recently, an empty aspirin bottle with 3 pennies inside for interest. He also loves those little Dixie cups from the bathroom and empty toilet paper rolls.
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Danielle (Dani) used to like to play with the feather on th end of the fishing pole thingee...

A small grey mouse that you pull the string and it runs in circles,

The bouncy kind of ball that bounces in haphazzard ways, not like a regular globe ball

A battery operated circular thing with a mouse that runs around in circles.....she used to love to try to catch it.

That's it. She is VERY picky. But I am actually concerned, because ever since she came back from her ear surgery 10 days ago, she does not want to play, with ANYTHING. She only wants to sleep, eat, poop, or lie around. Usually near me or ON me.
Why does she not want to play anymore?

Is she bored with the toys?

I am concerned. I want her to get some exersise and not get bored.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

PS, I have tried the crumpled up paper ball, the cardboard tubing from the toilet paper, the dixie cup, lots of things. She has no interest in anything to play with.
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I am concerned. I want her to get some exersise and not get bored.
Any suggestions? Thanks.
Hi Vjoy
Maybe she just needs a bit more time, how is she walking ?
Is she balanced ?
I would keep an eye on her food and fluid intake.
But if all else is well, then she might not feel up to it as yet, 10 days is not that long a period for recovery from any surgery.
If you still have concerns , give your vet a call.
In the mean time give her plenty of hugs and pats and a scratch under the chin from me.
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Thank you Lady Hawk..

Yes I called the Vet. I thought It might be the tapazole she is on. He told me this morning that her lethargy is normal, and her metabolizm is crashing, and should then normalize. He said if she gets any worse, to bring her in for a blood test. But he said the lethargy should improve.

It just seems that she doesnt even want to look at the toys.
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Hi Vjoy
I am glad you called and have your mind at rest, don't worry about the toys too much , she is clinging to you right now, because you make her feel safe and secure, she needs you more than toys right now.
As much as you want her back to normal,try to enjoy her dependence on you, what a comfort you must be to her, feel proud that she trusts you so much.
*Hugs to you both*
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Shadow's favorite toy happens to be whatever I am using at the time, from the Remote to a book, to my laptop. Even the water sprayer I use whenever he tries to get on the table during dinner becomes a toy.
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I got Dani a laser pen. BOY does she love it!!!! It is her favorite toy right now....I could not imagine the versitility until I saw it in action.

Now she gets her morning and evening scootching and she does a little dance when I aim the red light right under her feet! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Fluffy's favorite toy is her mouse.. but it's under the stove now, after Scooter or Gizmo kicked it under there. I need to retrieve it for Fluffy; she loves playing with it!

Cinnamon doesn't really have a favorite toy, but she likes to "throw" the toy back to you when we throw her ball at her. She bats it back at us

As for the bengal: they love their cat wand toys! They will play with anything, though!
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That is great . Dani is back to her normal self
And I know where you are comming from Shadow, Bindi's favorite toy right now is anything that moves.
*Sigh* Yes that includes hands , feet fingers toes, eye lashes, you name it, if it moves she will pounce on it.
*sigh shrug * what can you do, she is a real wild child

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Dani Night Stalker's addicted to paper bag balls. Dani's partial to toes and will occasionally attack a foot. She plays with a turbo mouse and a little furry mouse sometimes but the paper ball is highest on her list of toys. I'm forgiven for any transgression if I pick up her ball and toss it
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Hmmm...there are so many.

All three cats love the furry mice and I currently have about 20 of them under my refrigerator

Sydney loves the laser pointer and she will come running from any room in the house if you even touch it. She also loves to steal all our pens and pencils and drop them into the cracks on the sofa.

Whisper loves a milk tab, and a mouse that hangs from the door frame on a stretchy string and anything catnip. She also goes into the "kitty toybox" to get out anything she wants to play with. If only I could teach her to put them back when she was done

Pooh loves to chase Sydney and Whisper around but he also loves the mice and a little fur "squirrel".
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I forgot to mention that Whisper LOVES to play in a plastic grocery bag....As soon as you empty it she will DIVE into it and start running around with it around her neck..We stop her and pull it off and she will just do it again!! She is weird! Many times I have picked up a bag to use it and it has many holes in it.
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Mine like the wand with the tassel, but mostly they play with each other. Constantly. All over the house.:paranoid3
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My roomate's kid Tiger likes to play with the Furry Mice, that you get in the Pet Section. She likes to put it in the water dish, too .
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Well my Buzzy Boy loves the little plastic rings from the milk gallons. My Cookie has fun chasing small pieces of paper rolled into a ball. And the high and mighty Toonces plays for hours with the fur mice. They all love to chase the laser light,but we don't do it too often cause they will chase it to the point of exaustion !! Oh and they also love those wacky wall walkers.You toss them on your wall and they slowly slide down. You can get them in the gumball machines at your local store. This is not really a toy but Buzz will come running when he hears a bag of potatoe chips,he LOVES to lick off the salt Why I'll never know. All I do know is my cats are the most wonderful pets in the world AND they all stay indoors
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The love crumpled pieces of tin foil, the ring off the milk jug, paper bags, egg carton flats, plastic straws, the tall rye grass in the field because it is full of little mice that raid our grain and hay, the especially love to play with the pinecones when they fall out of the trees as well as the walnut shells after harvest. Piles of leaves they jump and play in, they play in the horse feeders and they love these little beetles that fly really low to the ground, like about a foot and sometimes our yard looks like a beetle landing strip with all these bugs taking off and cats leaping in the air after them. The love to play in the hay barn, and run up and down the bales of hay and run across the rafters overhead. They also love our knife shop and will lay across the knife blades and not even get hurt- boggles my mind. They are happy, well-adjusted wonderful feral kitties and I couldn't love them more.
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