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Rusty Grooming Comb

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My dad took it upon himself to sheer my Bear (Himalayan) where he was knotted with a pair of RUSTY sheers.

He knicked Bear pretty bad several times.

Will rust hurt cats like it will humans? I mean could he get blood poisoning or anything like that???

Deeply concerned
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Ouch, poor baby! Hope you told your Dad that even though he meant well, what he did was a REALLY bad idea, and to please not EVER do that again.

I would think that yes, if the skin was broken and the shears were rusty (good grief!) that it's possible for the wound to get infected.

I don't know if a vet would tell you to use an oral antibiotic, or to apply a topical antibiotic to the wounds (in which case you might have to use an E-collar if your cat can get to the wounds to lick them). Best thing to do is call the vet, explain what happened, and see what he/she recommends. Then sit down with your dad and have that talk.
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Yes I would watch the kitty for signs, Linx tried to chew some leftovers on the BBQ grill that was slightly rusty and got very sick! It was very frightening
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What kind of signs??
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Hi Lina - Glad you spoke with your dad. Most important, though, did you call the vet? If not, you really should as they can advise you as to whether you may need antibiotics. They can also tell you about the possibility of blood poisoning.
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