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I wonder why ?????

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I wonder why my full grown Diablo has taken to this kitten as if he was it's mother ? That is s0 wild he cleans her and sleeps all next to her and she even climbed in the litter box with him . It was like he was trying to teach her how to use it . Right now she doesn't cover it up . PU I hope that all changes as she matures . Anyhow she is soo darling and just so tiny you could fit her in the palm of your hand . As for my other kitten she is squirrly . So far she hides under the bed and growls . She will sit in my lap but then she won't leave and will get right back up when i put her down . How rude ! She claws me all the time . I haven't named them yet and I would like some help but I want you to see thier pics first . I hope Catarina will help me get those out there ! hAVE A GREAT DAY ! oH YEA AND ALSO CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO CHANGE MY SIGNATURE ?
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At the top of the page under the Cat Site banner is a small button to the left that says "user cp" (for control panel). Click on that then click on Edit Profile... at the bottom of that page you can change your signature.

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