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We have three cats, and have had them 8 years or more. Two females 10 Meeko, 13 Aleta. One male 8 Jake. They are basically indoor cats. Although a few times a year, we may let them out.

Jake seems to have decided that it is OK to scratch myself or my son (5 yo) . There is no warning when he decides to do it. We might pat him and then start again and then he justs scratches. I 've been around cats for a while now and recognize the ears, tail and body language. He displays absolutely no warning. My wife is taking him in today, to see if there is any medical issues. He has done this occasionally with my son aover the last few years, and we have been training my son to be more careful and not startling him , or do anything rough with him , which he is good about. But the last time, I saw that my son did nothing whatsoever to Jake and was scratched.

We had thought that "Jake" was still feeling dominant over my son. But now he has scratched me. We don't want to just ignore Jake. We think Jake also has had problems with human males from a previous home and it has taken Jake about 6 years to finally sit on my lap. He loves and adores my wife. I oftentimes just sits and stares at her. Every so often he gets wild look in his eyes and he stalks another cat.

Are there medical reasons that could explain this? Any thoughts about what we can do? After he scratched me, I chased him around the house for a few minutes yelling at him, which it seems was the wrong thing to do according to reading on the net.