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Beaker is very sick.

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Well starting a couple of weeks ago it became very difficult for our kitten to walk. We have been back and forth to the vet and finally we were referred to the vet specialist group in our area.

The specialists suspect the Beaker has FIP. Cry He had a CSF tap yesterday and the fluid was very cloudy and yellow. We are waiting for the final lab analysis to come back today or tomorrow and then we should have a more definite answer. The specialist said that if it is not FIP then it is something else that is reaking havoc in his nervous system. We are going to try and treat him with some medications once the results come back. Depending on how well he responds to the medications will determine if we can keep treating him as long as possible or if it just gets worse to the point where we have to put him to sleep. :waiting:

Needless to say we are very sad here at our home and would ask some prayers for Beaker. He's so young and its hard to watch him struggle to walk and move around. Its to the point now where he cannot make it to the litter box any longer and its hard to get him to eat/drink.

I'll keep you all updated when the test results are available. Thanks for all the information/advice you have given us in the past.

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from my family, Oh how very sad for your family, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope that he may be ok
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Amanda, I'm so sad to read this about Beaker. Looking at the picture of your beautiful boy and thinking about how worried you are for him...it just brings tears to my eyes.

I have already started to say a prayer for your little guy - I hope with all my heart he'll be able to get through this.
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Oh no not Beaker! Oh please keep us updated on him, I love your little guy! I hope everything's okay - you both will be in my thoughts and prayers!
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I am curious, did he come from a shelter or rescue facility?
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No, we purchased him from a breeder. We have been in contact with the breeder, but she swears up and down there is no way it could have come from her cattery.

The specialist we are seeing says that it is most likely that he contracted the carona (spell?) virus while he was there and inherited the pre-disposition to have FIP from his parents. If it turns out to be FIP, then apparently something triggered the mutation of the carona virus into full blown FIP. He has not been sick since Dec with a URI, so right now the trigger seems to be the recent vaccinations that he has gotten, but even that is not a certainty.
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Bless his little heart!, look at his sweet face The poor baby, i hope he pulls through ok
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What a sweet little boy! I do hope it is not as bad as you fear - I know what it is like, not knowing and fearing the worst. Good vibes from here.
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Prayers for your furry and you being sent! HUGS!
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Prayers for Beaker have been said. I pray he pulls through this with flying colors! I hope it's not FIP, and that he makes a wonderful, and if needed, miraculous recovery!
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I got a call from the vet this morning, the lab
results they got back were not definite. So this
could be good or bad news. We are going to treat
Beaker with some steriods to fight the possible FIP
and also some antibiotics to fight the other possible
infections (i.e. toxoplamosis) that might be the cause
of his problems.

The vet said that we will wait several days to a week
to see improvement if he is responding well to the
medication. If there is no improvement and he
continues to get worse despite the medication then we
will have to discuss putting him to sleep. =(

On top of everything else Beaker hasn't been able to
have a bowel movement so we have to take him back to
the vet to see if he needs an enema to clear him out.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts! All the support means so much to us. We ask that you
please continue to keep him in your prayers. This is
better news than we were expecting since there still
is a possibility that he does not have FIP. So we will
see how this goes over the next week.
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Awwwwwwww poor baby!. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works for him
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I am so sad for you and Beaker. I wish your family (including Beaker of course) all the best and will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.
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He is soooooooo beautiful. Hugs, prayers and good wishes, I hope you get some much better news for your baby soon.
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Has he been Xrayed? I ask because his symptoms sound awfully like those of Persil, who was considered for FIP and toxoplasmosis before she was found to have a hole in her diaphragm that was corrected with surgery. Just a thought. Diaphragmatic hernia can be a genetic condition in cats, I found out a lot about it on the web.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
Has he been Xrayed? I ask because his symptoms sound awfully like those of Persil, who was considered for FIP and toxoplasmosis before she was found to have a hole in her diaphragm that was corrected with surgery. Just a thought. Diaphragmatic hernia can be a genetic condition in cats, I found out a lot about it on the web.
Yes, he has been xrayed, and it was completely normal. Thank you for the suggestion though.
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Amanda, I will be praying for you and your precious kitty.
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I hope he comes through it ok! what a sweet face! Best of luck with the meds, hang in there.
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Awww Sending lots of good vibes to Beaker.
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I'm so sorry to hear that your little Beaker. I remember when you got him, and loved the adorable pictures. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers!
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I can't thank everyone enough for your prayers.

We are cautiously hopeful today. Beaker's breeder called me today and she has been in touch with the Dr's at the University of Florida. Apparently they have seen cats with Beaker's systoms as a result of a reaction to the rabies vaccine; which is where this all began.

So she is going to have this Dr. from the university get in touch with our specialist to see if it can be determined if what Beaker has is 'polyneuritis'. Apparently this is very similar (if not the same) to Guillian Barr syndrome in humans.

I have been reading up on this for the past hour or so and the symptoms for the polyneuritis are very similar to the ones Beaker has been experiencing. Also some of the test results listed for the polyneurities line up with the results that Beaker has received already. The good news is that if this is what Beaker has developed then it should be something he can recover from.

Thank you again for all the support and I will fill you in once the Dr.s talk about this possibility.

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This is good news, Amanda. It certainly sounds like there's a strong possibility that an adverse reaction to the vaccine is causing Beaker's illness. It was smart thinking for the breeder to contact UF.

I've thought about Beaker often since first reading this thread and I'll continue to send good thoughts and prayers his way.

All the best to you and your beautiful little boy-
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That sounds like more positive news- thinking of you and your gorgeous boy and hoping he's doing a lot better very soon.
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i'm praying for your little beaker... awww this sounds awful.. I do hope that something can be done... Sending warm wishes and love

-Julie and Leo
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I do hope you have found the answer at last
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Oh, Amanda, I'm praying for precious little Beaker.
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Just checking in to see if there are any updates on little Beaker. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for your baby.
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Little Beaker:
Eponine, Cosette, and Amy all have their paws and fingers crossed that you get well soon. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Beaker. Hopefully this is an adverse reaction to his rabies shot, and not FIP. Please keep us updated.
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AW! Beaker is so adorable! I really hope and pray that he will get better very soon! What a sweet little face Beaker has!!!

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