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Male Cats & Kittens

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When is it ok to have my male cats in with mommy and the babies? I've had one in for about an hour, but that's it. I would really like to have them all together, but I am afraid something will happen while I am away or at work. Will they be agressive with the kittens? The one I had in really didn't even seem to care that they were there.
Tell me your thoughts. Oh, and the kittens are a week and 3 days old.
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Please don't put your males in with the kittens. Let mom and the babies get used to each other, and as the kittens grow and explore then let them find the males themselves. Especially true if you have intact males that are strays.
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If the males aren't neutered yet then don't put them near the momma cat until she is spayed or you will end up with an endless supply of kittens.
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I know male lions will kill cubs to get female lions to go into heat and protect their bloodlines, can't say if the same happens with domestic cat's but I think I might have heard of it before.
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Hi - have had that experience and its seems that like our humans depends on temper the one that are good dads are cool and the others aren't. One male guarded the kittens while I was at work the other hissed at them and I hear that it is more of a danger for the young male kittens than the female ones. Good luck Jolene
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I agree with Hissy...it's early to expose the kittens to the males. But later on, you hopefully don't have to worry. When my kittens were still with their mother, an older brother from a previous litter was in LOVE with them. He cleaned them and made sure they didn't wander too far, and just enjoyed being in the room with them. Hopefully your male will feel the same, once the kittens are older.
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I have 3 males, 2 are neutered, and 1 was not. Since I acquired her, he was kept seperate from her and I've had 2 failed attempts at getting him fixed due to fever, Another try on Tuesday though! LOL
So basically, by the time the kittens are running around, they will all be neutered. So, I shouldn't have a problem. I will follow the advice and keep them away, but how long before I can have them together? 3, 4, 5 + weeks?
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I would keep them away from the kittens and the mom until the kittens are weaned. You are really asking for a sticky situation to ask these males to accept the new family. Plus mom will go into heat and your unneutered boy may get her again
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What if the male was neutered? Do you think that he would still harm the kittens, as said above, to get the female into heat? Or would that be okay to allow the male to see the kittens?
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Personally, I would not do it, but again I don't deal with domesticated cats. I deal with strays or ferals and I wouldn't risk putting males neutered or otherwise in with a new family. It just isn't safe.
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Off topic, but just to clarify, my neutered male was not the "daddy". Momma kitty was adopted recently. My friend didn't want her because she was pregnant.
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DO NOT let the boys in with the momma cat and kittens. 'Nuff said.

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