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Photo Album: Achilles & Sirius

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Just wanted to show my fellow cat-lovers a random picture sellection of my precious boys

Close-up of Sirius (he's such a beauty)

Achilles playing with the cat tree (I bet he wishes that was a real mouse)

Sirius looking puzzled about the elfs

Achilles thinking he's a lion!

I dunno what Sirius is doing here

My boys fighting...

and making up...

caught in the act!

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Beautiful photos. Iben! Thanks for sharing. They look so happy and healthy. Sirius looks so sleek and mystical... reminds me of cats the Egyptians would have deified.

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Awwww, they are so cute!!!!!
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What beautiful boys you have!
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Awww. They look to be a lot of fun. What sweet boys
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What great shots. I especially liked seeing the two gorgeous guys making up!
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Great Pictures. They are absolutely beautiful.

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did you get Sirius from harry potter?

Sirius looks so much like teufel !
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Those are handsome kitties. They look like they're a lot of fun to watch, too.
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I love the lion picture of Achilles. He's a real cutie pie. Sirius is so photogenic and beautiful.
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What a gorgeous pair of kitties! Lovely pictures!
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aw! those pictures are so cute! It makes me wish I could have another kitty for Juicy to play/cuddle with...
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what gorgeos kitties you have there! Sirius is a beauty - reminds me of Ebony.
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Your pictures are wonderful! Your boys look so happy together!
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Beautiful babies, looks like they have a lot of fun together.
Lovely pics!
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two very handsome boys you have there! Belly rubs from Mischka & Linx
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Thanks for all the sweet comments guys!

::Big hugs from me and the boys:::
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Originally Posted by fwan
did you get Sirius from harry potter?
LOL yeah I did. I'm a huge Harry Potter geek
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They are too cute!
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