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Neutered male cats fighting.

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My wife and I have three cats, all neutered, one female 2 yrs. old and two males one 11 yrs. the other 7 yrs.

Recently the two males have started fighting, they have been living well together for 7 years so this is hard to figure out??

The younger male will quitely walk up and get into the older cat's face and this results in the older cat growling and hissing and soon after they are in a full fledged fight.

I know that un-neutered males will jockey for position and fight for the spot of top male, but I never heard about neutered one's doing this.

This is driving my wife nuts!
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Hmmm you're right in that it is usually in un-neutered cats, but it could still be the old "whos boss" syndrome with them....Im not sure about this but maybe the younger male is "arguing" the older ones authority?!! To be honest I don't really know, but Im sure some the experts here will be able to help you out!! Keep us informed!
Just to let you know - I have three males (all neutered) and a female, and the boys still seem to pee each other off occasionally and it ends up one of them getting a whack from the other!!
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I know of many cases where the new aggression was the result of the victim having a mild undiagnosed physical illness. What happens is that when the victim becomes sick, his scent changes. The others then see the victim as a strange intruder and attack. Most often, the victim had some sort of urinary tract infection and upon receiving antibiotics, the aggression completely stopped. So, it might be a good idea to take the victim to the vet just to be on the safe side.

Good luck!
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Well!! I learn something new every day!! It all makes purrrfect sense now!!
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