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Cats eat the strangest things!

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My cat is the fussiest eater when it comes to cat food, i am yet to find a canned variety that her ladyship will consent to eat...however human food is anoher story, it is a case of "I`ll have what your having". She has often surprised us with her Purrferrd tastes, including yoghurt (any flavour, especially Maple - she is from Quebec after all!), Nacho potato chips (even the really spicy ones)kraft dinner! But most recently she out did herself, a few nights ago i was taking a bath with some delightful bubbles, and kitty was fascinated, but not enough to just look at the bubbles, she actually started sticking her paws in and eating them!!! I thoought she would taste it and that would be it, but no, i had to end up putting her out of the room, i didn`t think a tummy full of soappy bubbles was recomended cat diet!

Does anyone else have a kitty with strange diet requests?

Chee & Breeze (bubble muncher)
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Ha ha ha... I too have a bubble muncher!!!! (well, actually you could call him an "anything muncher"!!) Boddington (mummys baby...hee hee)is allowed to lounge in the bathroom while I take a scrub in the tub.....but for some reason he ALWAYS has to taste the bubbles...just checking they're safe I guess!!! ha ha ha...he also likes Naan bread...rice, butter, milk (obviously!)pizza, tea, coffe... (which is forbidden, but what can you do when their sat there with their paw in it?!! ha ha ha) and all the usual stuff!! oh and the newest so far is baked beans!!!
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Baked Beans!!! My goodness, that is strange, i some how don`t think Breeze would like those too much ;-> They are funny. She doesn't like raw fish, but when i put the wrap in the rubbish bin, she was in there getting it out? go figure? I think they do it to keep us on our toes

I forgot to ask you too, from the other message you wrote me when i joined, what is your huge new cross stitch of? a cat? I have got a couple of big, beautiful "Teresa Wentzler's" to do, including a gorgous cat one. I am working on a duck at the moment, for my mother-in-law.

Nice talking to you again,

Chee and Breeze
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Gray cat ate some chili a few days ago--he had afew beans and a chunk of meat before I could stop him. Then he begged loudly thru the whole meal and tried to bribe me with rubs and purrs. I was expecting the litterbox to be truly vile aafterwards, but it was okay.
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Alexnell!!! ha ha ha ha ha...poor kitty!!! Im glad the litter box survived!! ha ha....
Chee, hi again love!! The cross stitch Im "attempting" to start (ha ha.. Im too scared I'll ruin it!!) is a big Mirabella one, its of a lady in a big flowing dress and she has loads of beads and sparkley bits that you sew into her hair and on the dress - its really cool!! I'll see if I can find a pic of it for you.....its beautiful!! Yours sounds great too!!! I did an anniversary card for my mum/dad in law of two cute hedgehogs playing the Romeo and Juliet scene on the balcony!! It was too cute!!
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Ok heres the picture....
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Heres the web link to the site they are on, if you look at the bottom of the page it says Miribilia 1/Miribilia 2 etc etc, if you click on them it will show you all the different collections... I love nearly all of them!! Enjoy!!http://www.stitchability.co.uk/mirab...ns_gallery.htm

Gees Sorry guys!!! I just totally changed the subject!! How naughty!!! apologies and back the subject at hand......
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WOW! that is beautiful, and it should take you a while too!! I have seen that one actualy, and have been very tempted myself (if only i didn`t have sooooooo many others that i am dying to do ) Theone i finished before this one is a medieval lady sitting in front of a castle, similar style to yours, though i can`t for the life of me remember who it was by, it was called "Once upon a Time" i love medieval scenes too, i have the TW "Fantasy Tripic" and a vermillion "Arthur and Guinevere" so many stitches so little time

And Gary the cat!!! Spicy Chilli! that is one tough cat Breeze does like Nacho cheese Chips, and my husband was giving her the spicy ones (i needed water afterwards) and she seemed to enjoy them....and like you i was very worried about what gifts there would be next morning

Chee & Breeze

Going to visir Mirribilla now Talk to you again soon
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Heh heh heh, I just thought, we're in for some really stinky cats round here!! what with Baked beans...Chilli and spicy nachos!!! Pheeeewy!!!! :laughing2

Hey Chee, check out the Lanarte designs too if you like those kind of ones....ooooo and the Lavender and lace ones!! ha ha ha not that Im getting carried away or anything!!! (I know what you mean about sooo many stitches and sooo little time!!!)
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Wow, i am getting an erge to go stitch now There are some really nice ones at Mirribila!!! That one on the first page "Rose of Sharon" is absolutely gorgous! I managed to find the one i just finished too, i could not remember who had designed it, but it is at "Told in a Garden" under the "Butternut Road" collection, and it is called "once upon a time" if you want to see it.


My fingers are getting itchy to stich!

Oh...while we are on the subject (yes we some how managed to change it ) how do you manage to stitch with all those kitty paws trying to play with your cotton all the time? I have to wait till Breeze is snoozing soundly and sneak off and do it....however, being a kitty, she always seems to knwo and turns up about 5 minutes later to "help"

Talk to you again soon
Chee & Breeze
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Ahhh yes, the helping kitty syndrome, personally I love it!! ha ha ha....well to an extent!!! I usually have to sit there with the stitching out on the couch next to me pretending Im NOT going to do any....they sniff it, paw at it then realise Im not interested in it and go to sleep. THEN I can start!!! yipeee, though they usually decide that seeing as Im not doing my stitching its ok for ALL of them to sit on my lap!! ha ha ha....so there I sit with 4 kittys on my lap trying to hold my sewing up above them!!! I've got to get a photo of that... I must look crazy....
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My Kiki Kat likes some pretty unusual food also. She loves hot pepper cheese, anything at all that contains Rotel tomatos in it and all types of spicy food. Think she is part Cajun even though she is a Maine Coon cat....

I also love to cross stitch and I am working on a large one right now of Oakley Plantation. Reading this has also made me want to get my stitching out and do some!!!!

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Seems that kitty lovers and cross stich lovers go togeather I do exactly what you do Bodlover! When Breeze comes along to "Help" i put it all down so she thinks that there isn`t really anythign going on here...but she usually stays, sitting on me or next to me, just in case i decide to start again...i dont so much mind her playing with the cotton, or throwing everything out of my sewing box, but i am always worried she is going to get the neddle

Hello Meme, fellow stitcher I have never heard of a cat the loves tomatos? And why is it that these kitties are so into the hot stuff? You`d think their sensitive little tongues would hate it? And it is surprising (like you said earlier Bodlover) it is surprising they are not a wee bit on the smelly side after that

Anyway, see you later

Chee and Breeze
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The other night, I was eating a turkey sandwich with colby cheese and pickles while watching tv. I had put Rascal's nightly portion of canned food on the floor so that he can eat his dinner. He must have smelled the turkey becaue he only ate a bite of his food, then he jumped on my lap and started nibbling on my sandwich. If I put him down, he will jump back. Picture this, I am eating on one end and Rascal eating on the other side. If I go somewhere else to eat, he will cry.
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That is a cute image! I think cats think "why am i eating this cat food when you are having someething that looks sooooooo much better? I`ll have that too please"

Actually my cat does that with my husband, so he whenever he makes a sandwich (ham, tuna, chicken you name it) he gives her some in her plate, to avoid having to "share" it with her, though personally i'd do it your way

Chee & Breeze
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I'm so excited to see that there are other cross-stitchers here. I was just wondering last night how anyone else deals with their cats when stitching. Unfortunately my cats won't ignore my projects if I set them down. That just means they are free to sit on the fabric or eat the floss. Luckily I have one high shelf to store things that they haven't figured out how to get to. Yet...

Back to the topic, one of my cats seems to love salsa. I too don't understand how they can like such hot foods. I wonder how much of it my Nubi would eat if I let him.
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Boots will eat ANYTHING that you have on your plate. The nightly beggers includes Bootsie - Smudgie - Ripley and Baby - and oh yeah, the poor old dog. Boots really loves salad of all things.

No cross stitching here - no patience!
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Hi there, Just got back from a lovely pet expo here in Montreal, saw some lovely kitties there too.

I know what you mean about the cat sitting on your work Kari, some how, where ever i leave mine, Breeze manages to find it and make a nest in it, she seems to think a hoop is just the right size for a cat to curl up in. I have to put it away in a cupboard, or usually if i sit the pattern on it, it is safe. It is nice to have other cross stitchers to chat with

I have never heard of a cat that likes salad though? I don`t think even my mum's garbage guts dog likes salad Still i guess it can't be bad for puss.

Nice to talk to you
Chee and Breeze
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Heh heh heh, that just made me think.....when I have my stitching out, I have about 5 boxes with all the threads on bobbins, all seperated into colours....anyway, as soon as I get these boxes out, Merle decides he needs to lay over ALL FIVE of them!!!! He stretches right out over them all so I have to move him if I want to get a thread out!! It can't be comfortable for him laying on a plastic box full of bobbins!!! Weirdo!! ha ha ha ha
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