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Hiding Figaro

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Update and a question on Figaro's strange behavior. In November we got a new big screen TV and surround sound stereo system. We didn't have all the speakers installed and hooked up till during Christmas. We didn't really start to use the surround system till January. Do you think the new stereo with all the speakers - two on the wall, two in the ceiling and one main bass one on the floor and one main one on the TV, may be having an adverse affect on Figaro and this is why he hides under the bed all the time and wants to run outside anytime you open the door??? I've turned the bass down, and we don't listen to music all the time, but we do watch the TV with the surround sound every day. He sometimes runs to all the windows and cries to get out and runs around the house, then back under the bed. He only comes out to eat at night, when we are sleeping, or during the day when we are gone. Any suggestions to help him get over the fear he now has and his not wanting to come out?? He also does not want to be held much and won't play anymore either. Should I move his food into his room instead of having it in the dining room?? Have we traumatized out cat?? HELP!!
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Yeah, it sounds like he may be scared. I would think over time he would get used to it. It is the same theory with the vacuum, when it comes on...most of the cats go nuts and run. You may try not using it for a few days...and see what he does. If this is the case...I would turn it back on but at a very low volume and increase it a little every day. Maybe even leave some music on the whole day.
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I need some ideas on how to get Figaro out from under the bed. We've turned the bass lower ont he stereo, and only listen to the TV sound, rather than the surround sound all the time. He still lives under the bed. He used to sleep on the bed, in the rocker, on the windoe sill etc, but now he only comes out to use his litter box, and eat. And if he hears us open the sliding door, he runs out and cries to go outside. We take him out and he is real good and friendly and will sit on our laps, but then when we go inside, he runs under the bed. He used to play and run around and want to be around us, but not anymore. I can't figure out what's wrong - do cats grow out of being playful?? He's only 5 1/2. I'm puzzled. He won't even come out for treats anymore. Any suggestions???
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Well, if he checked out okay with the vet, it sounds like hes going through something like shell shock. Trauma will cause them to go into hiding. He's trying to get away from what is bothering him. Really all you can do is assure him nothing is going to happen. Dont pick him up but let him come to you. Have you tried turning the surround system off for a week or two??
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Yes, we've just been turning on the TV sound only, not the stereo sound. But he just runs through the living room and right back under the bed. Last night I shut our bedroom door and he stayed in the kitchen, but still hiding on a chair under the table, hiding behind the table cloth. Then I tried to hold him and he didn't like that, an junped down and ran under the bed in the other room. This morning he didn't want to be held either. Should I keep both bedroom doors closed and force him to come out?? Or just let him do what he wants? His health is fine. He eats good and uses the litter box good. He's not doing things that they do when they are mad - going outside the litter box, tearing up stuff, etc. That's why I'm so puzzled.??!!
HELP!! We want the old playful kitty back!
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Maybe you should have him checked by the vet all the same? Sometimes a change in behavior can be the only indication that there is a medical problem. If the vet gives him the all clear, you may need to consult a cat behaviorist that will visit your home and try to locate the problem. Your vet may be able to refer you to one in your locality.
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Just some good news about Figaro - he's starting to come out and be with us again!! He's even fetching and playing with his mice again!! He came out for dinner with us last night and is running and playing more each day. He still likes to be under the bed, but he's interacting with us again and slowly but surely returning back to the playful kitty he used to be. I've just been playing with him and giving him attention and coaxing him out a bit more each day - and it's finally paying off. Love and patience works!!
What a relief!
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That's great news! Give him an extra hug and kiss for us !
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