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Looking for Abyssinian kittens around DENVER

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my wife and I are having a hard time finding a couple of Abyssinian kittens around the Boulder/Denver, CO area.

Anyone have any ideas.?
Please email us at: <rsohlgren@lanminds.net>
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Hi rso and welcome to the forums!

I'll ask around and try to find some breeders there. By the way, I hope your email notification option works. Please let me know if you read this message, so I'll know that I can contact you through here.

I wonder if this thread should go to the breeders' forums? I'll leave it here for now, as you're not a breeder. I'll have to think about similar posts in the future {ponders}.
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yes, the email notification works, I recieved your reply directly into my email program. Many thanks, Anne.

I just got a call from a Colorado breeder, and she filled me in on the cost: about $500 per kitten. !!!!!! I thought she was kidding at first. She said a pair could be had for a cool thousand.

I think I may be looking in the wrong area. I really just want a couple of mixed kittens, that has some Abby, or Bengal, in them. I'm thinking that this site may be more for breeders who value the $500 variety. Still, if anyone has any of these under $100 throwaway mutts, we'll take them
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Well, I'm not a breeder myself but I know that this is the price range for pedigreed kittens. If they're show quality or of a rare breed they could cost up to a few thousands!

I don't think you can get a purebred for 100$, unless it's from what is known as a "backyard" breeder. But then you have no papers and generally the kittens are less healthy. Professional breeders put a lot of thought and effort into breeding, to avoid genetic faults.

They usually provide a health guarantee and will replace the kitten if there are any health problems. This can be very important in the case of purebred cats, as the risk of genetic faults is slightly higher.

How about adopting a rescued adult Abyssinian? There are plenty looking for homes and I guess it would be less expensive. Older cats can make wonderful pets!

You can always go to the local shelter and look for mixed breed kittens with the Aby or Bengal look. I'm sure you'll find plenty of little tabby leopards looking from homes.

Best of luck!

By the way, this forum is for all cat lovers - breeders or not. You don't have to breed or own a purebred - you don't even have to have a cat to join in!

I bet most of the members here have sweet mixed-breed cats. I have two and I love them sooooooo much!
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Thanks, Anne. I'll check the shelters locally.
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