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please need advice

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Hi please help me if any of you have experience with bottle feeding very young kittens and the health problems they go through please please please read this!

2 day old kitten who's momma refused to feed or even lay with has come into my possession by a neighbor who could have cared less. this lil guy has been eating regularly and sucking heartily until earlier today at about 4 pm he has not fed more than an 1/8th of an eyedropperful since then it is now 11 pm. he has had two bowel movements by himself and they have sounded very painful it is yellow mustard colored and the stool is soft turds he is breathing through his mouth and it is regular but i'm scared because he hasn't ate in so long and he is starting to go lethargic. i called hte emergency vet and they told me that everything i was doing was correct and that they could do nothing more than i am so please if anyone has any ideas or advice i would really love to hear it

A little whisper has entered Heaven~
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Did you make him go potty? Baby kittens have to be stimulated to go to the bathroom. Take a damp, warm, soft paper towel, or soft rag, and gently stroke..... hrm.... down south. That's all I can think of. I would definitely suggest taking someone else's advice, though. Good luck! I'll say a prayer for the little guy!
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yes i've stimulated him before and after every meal or attempted meal
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The reality is when a momcat shuns a kitten, it is because the kitten is dying. You can only do the best possible for this kitten and hope for the best. What are you feeding it?

Mustard colored stool is normal for a young kitten- you can visit this website to get some more ideas on what to do. It is imperative you keep the little one warm and if possible close to your heart- the pouch potato works well for that
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i've read through the kitten-rescue site and it was an enormous help. I would do the pouch potato thats what i used to take it to the vet today to be weighed but i'm worried that i won't generate the heat he requires the incubator box is nice nd cozy warm and he is maintaining body heat nicely in there
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Try a rice heater, tuck it next to him under a layer of blanket- fill an old sock with rice, tie the end and nuke it 30 second. It will give you about a 2 hour heater.

Good luck with the little one- feeding every two hours 24/7 is grueling so be sure and catch rest when you can.
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Oh gosh, I wish you and the little kitten all the best. As for your neighboor.. GROWL. Let me at them! If they had one ounce of understanding what that little life was feeling and going through they could not be so heartless and uncaring. Thank you for doing what you can and trying to save that precious little life.
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Hugs to you keep us posted on the little furry!
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thank you for everyone's support and advice unfortunately he didn't make it he stopped breathing and i couldn't get him going again thank you everyone it means alot to me how much you tried to help
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oh dear.. I am so sorry for you and the kitten.. it is not a great comfort but at least he will not suffer or be neglected by that lady anymore. I will whisper upto Elmer and BooBoo Kitty to keep an eye out for him at the rainbow bridge where all kitties wait for us to rejoin them while they play with each other in fields of catnip.
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I'm so very sorry you lost your little one. Bless you for all you did him. He is in Heaven now, so grateful for the love he received from you during his short stay here on earth.
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he is up in heaven now with his littermates and even though i miss that lil devil and it hurts right now on the upside i get to sleep the whole night through tonight a very nice break after two nights of up every two hours
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Sadly it was inevitable. Momcats know instinctively which kitten isn't strong enough. In the wild, she would have carried it off to another location and left it for predators. She does this so the rest of the family can survive. Even accomplished rescuers lose kittens that momcats shun many times. We can only do so much to help them.

I will move this to Crossing the Bridge and light a candle for the fragile one-
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I'm sorry. You couldn't have done any better by this little kitten. Bless you.
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Poor little kitty. You have the comfort of knowing that you did everything you could for this poor little kitty and filled his short time on earth with love and care . You did a wonderful thing.
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RIP sweet furry! you did all you could BIG HUGS!
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I'm so sorry your tiny baby died. I've lost several tiny kittens -- sometimes because of my own lack of knowledge -- and I know it hurts. My own belief is that his tiny soul with find a new home very soon. One that is stronger.

Thank you for being so kind.
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rest in peace baby kitty
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RIP sweet little one...
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