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Inter-genus communicating

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I wonder if any anthropologist has done research on whether different critters can communicate with each other ? Sort of like, can an ant talk to a kangaroo type of study. ?

I know this sounds wierd, (are cat people wierd ?) but on occasion, I am almost convinced that my cats are telepathic, both with each other, and TO me, not from me.

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Hi Leonard,

Have you looked into any of the information available about animal communicators? I 100% agree with you that cats are telepathic, and I have no problems with the concept of inter-species communications. I suspect that we have become so convinced of our own superiority in these matters that we fail to see the communications that do take place between animals and animals, and between animals and people. I suspect they must get very exasperated with us at times:-).

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Right On, Kathryn ! !

Very perceptive of you !

If you asked most people the question, they would get glassy-eyed, pour you a cup of tea, pat you on the shoulder as they reach for the phone, and avoid you until the guys with the butterfly nets got there.

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i would not be suprised

my cat likes to sleep inmy room and always runs in just as im about to go to bed.

ive tried changeing the time and order in which i do things at night, the time at which i go to bed and the things i actually do but it does not seam to confuse it at all it always shows up when i am about to shut the door.

it is not arround me until then so it cant be anything to do with my body language
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My cat has a special call that she only uses when she wants to call me - just me, not anyone else. It's adorable!
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My OH is convinced that the cats are telepathic. Here's an example: last night they were both asleep upstairs (it's warmer!) and all was quiet. Suddenly they both appeared, charged down the stairs and started crying. It wasn't dinnertime, so what was it? Doug was thinking (and only thinking mindyou, he hadn't actually got up from the sofa) about having some pie & custard, and the cats just love custard!

So he thinks they know what we're thinking - and I'm inclined to agree, although I realise this is not very scientific. I have also had other experiences where I have felt some sort of communication between me and a horse, or a cat.

I doubt if any scientist would bother with studying this, as most scientists seem to dismiss things like that as paranormal, and therefore rubbish. But think about it, 100 years ago many of the things we take for granted would have seemed impossible!

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Leonard, this book might interest you: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...books&n=507846
Despite the title, it's not just about dogs, but about pets' apparent telepathic powers.
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Thanks for the link, jcat, I might get me a copy of that book -- sounds real interesting.

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