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Hello to all

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Good evening,

I got a relatively small gang consisting of Zeppo is a 5 yo. flat coated Retriever, Pharoah who is 2 yo. a boxer shepherd mix, Longrat my 2 1/2 mo. old ferret and the latest addition is a 2 day old kitten who was ignored by his mother and the neighbor brought him along with three of his siblings stating if i didn't take them she was going to leave them outside in the cold to die. Unfortunately the two of them died within the first hour i had them and the third died this morning so only this one lil guy is left.

I look forward to talking with everyone and getting input its been a while since i had a kitten or a cat and am sure i've forgotten the lil issues that always seem to creep up.
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Welcome to the site! I am new kinda new also, and everyone has been a big help. Your neighbor is about the meanest person I've ever heard of. I'm so happy you took the kittens and sorry that you lost two ! I am just beginninng to raise my 1st kitten now, so I can't help with your new addition too much. There are others here who are full of knowledge so I know you will get the support you need. What is kiity's name? Please let me know how he is doing!
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Hi LuckyIrish thank you for your welcome i haven't named the lil bugger yet am trying not to get attached to him. I don't even know if i will keep him if he survives. My boyfriend knowing how soft hearted i am when it comes to animals supports my efforts in bottle feeding him and taking care of him but i know he isn't all that thrilled about adding a cat to our menagerie. But hey i got 2 monthes to work on him ya never know
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Welcome to TCS!
Hoping the little kitten survives. I don't have experience in dealing with such a young animal, but there are a number of members here who do.
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!! I've never had to take care of a kitten that young so I won't be much help but there are plenty of knowledgable and friendly people who can. That was very nice of you to take in the kitties. I hope everything works out with your little guy. Keep me posted.
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awww poor baby! my guess is keep it warm and get some kitten milk and an eye dropper. Might try calling the humane society or a vet to get some info best of luc, and hang on sweet furry! RIP to the siblings!
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Welcome to TCS and how sad to hear about the other kittens. I will never understand how people can be so heartless like that. Thank you for trying and good luck with that last little one. Two hours between feedings and keeping him warm are not easy tasks.
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you to TCS. Your sweet little one is in Heaven now, and it was you who gave him so much love during his short time here on earth.Bless you for all you did for him, it must be so painful to let him go.
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Welcome to the site and how wonderful of you to take on these little ones!

A great resource for raising orphaned kittens is www.kitten-rescue.com

Here's hoping that the kitten will do all the work on your boyfriend. They seem to know inherently which human they need to win over. LOL
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