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My first lecture - wish me luck!

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Tonight I will be giving my first lecture on cat behavoir! I am giving a talk about understanding cat behavior and addressing cat behavior problems at the Israeli Cat Welfare Society. I don't know how many people will be there, but there should be a few dozens I think.

I'll go now to prepare my presentation slides (not too many) and get prepared.

Wish me luck!
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Anne - I just know you will knock them out of their seats!
You 'go girl' - as they say
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YEY ANNE!!!! Im sure it'll be great!!! All the best!! :girly2: :girly1:
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Theres no way it wont go well Anne, you have all of us in your corner and who could possibly fail with such a great cheering section? :laughing2:

All kidding aside, I know you'll do terrific! :
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Good luck, Anne! I know you'll do great. Let us know how it goes.
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Good luck!!! though i am sure you won`t need it.
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You are going to do so well, they'll keep asking you back for more lectures. Best of luck. Don't picture them naked though, it really doesn't work & can actually make you lose your train of thought. It helps if you pick one or 2 people in the group and prentend you are talking directly too them.
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You're so brave! Good luck!
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GO girl! Tell it like it is!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
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Break a leg!
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oh wow! you'll do great, anne! don't forget to have fun . . . after all, it is about kitties!
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Anne, you got it goin' on woman...there's no way in this world people wouldn't love you, not to mention be more than delighted to listen and learn from the best! Have a wonderful evening!

Love & Peace,
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Thank you everyone!!!

It was pretty good actually. I really enjoyef myself and the questions time was really long because everyone wanted to tell me about their cats and ask for advice. I think that almost half the people came over in the end to tell me how much they enjoyed it. I'm now booked for my next lecture - about cats and pregnancy/babies/kids (and I'll have the belly to show for it ) for next month. They want me to do a lecture once a month (they asked for twice but that's a bit too much for now).

It's all volunteering by the way, I don't get money, but the people that come are asked to make a donation for the cats (they are a great no-kill shelter that takes excellent care of some 400 cats!!). So it's nice to do something that I like so much and at the same time help cat owners as well as the cats in the shelter.

Hopefully, with time it will help me establish a name for myself as a cat expert and maybe lead to some clients that need behavior conselling.

Again, thank you all for your kind words! Your support means a lot to me! A lot of the knowledge I have has come from these forums and I am very grateful for that!
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I'm glad it went so well. Who knows, you might find some customers for your cat-consulting business!
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Hi Anne!
Great News and congratulations on more bookkings!! That's so cool; sure says alot about your communicative skills!

It's so generous of you to give of your time. It really does make a difference in your life

I knew you'd be a smash!

Love & Peace,
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You have what it takes! Great job!
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I knew it would go well!
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Anne - congratulations! I love being asked to speak - it is wonderful to be able to share your knowledge with people who care about cats. I don't get to post very much anymore, but wanted to give you an atta girl! Also, I met some wonderful people from Your cat society at the No Kill conference in August and I have a tape they gave me that tells what they are all about. Good job!
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Anne, I am SO glad it went well !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay for you! I'm glad it went well, plus the added benefit of knowing you helped out the shelter.
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