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Possible new Furbaby for me.

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This is Evie. She is a 3 1/2 year old Seal Point Siamese. She's very loving and affectionate, and she can be mine, if she will get along with my cats. Her owner says she doesn't like any other breed of cat, except Siamese, so there's a worry that she might not like Simba. Although the owner says she doesn't seem to have a problem with neutered males, so things might work out. She is going to let me try her out for 2 or 3 weeks on a trial basis to see if she gets along with my boys. If she does, she is mine.

She is a modern wedge faced Siamese, and I have always wanted a wedge face. I really hope she will accept Simba. Maybe I'll get some Feliway and Vanilla to help things along.

Isn't she pretty?
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Awww Hope - what a beautiful girl. I hope the meeting with Simba goes well!!!

So, when do you get to take her home??
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They are in Northern California and I'm in Southern California. They are willing to drive her down to Bakersfield which is about 2 hours north of Los Angeles. I get panic attacks on the Freeway, so I have asked a co-worker if she will go with me to pick her up, and she said, next Friday. So, if these people can make it then, I will hopefully get her next Friday.
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She is gorgeous!!! I hope things all work out for you. keep us posted and show us lots more pics!
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Awwww Hope i've got my fingers crossed that they will get along because judging by that second picture she looks like she loves affection

She is gorgeous as well mind!
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She's beautiful, good luck.
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She is beautiful! I hope she and Simba become the best of friends!
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Oooh how gorgeous! I hope everything works out! Please keep us updated!
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Evie is beautiful! I hope things work out
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She's not just pretty.... she's gorgeous! Sending good "get along with the others" vibes your way!
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Oh Hope nice Election! It`s absolutely beautiful

Es una bella y hermosa señorita!!!

Sending (((((good vibes))))) for her!
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What a beautiful cat! Best of luck for everyone!
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Oh, Evie, you're gorgeous! Please keep us updated, Hope!
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Evie is very, very pretty!
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Oh Hope, she's a beauty!!! Good luck
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she is sooooooooooo pretty! I hope she and your cats get along so you can add her to your family!!! How exciting! Can't wait to see some updates!!!
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Oh Hope she is a beauty! She looks like my Chynna girl and she definitely loves attention and Evie looks like she is loving every minute of what attention she is getting. Good luck on the introductions of the kitties may they get along great.
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She is a very, very pretty girl. I hope this works out!
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OMG she is gorgeous!! paws and fingers crossed it works out! Belly rubs to all furrys involved from Mischka & Linx!
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What a beautiful cat. Hope everyone gets along so that she can stay with you.

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