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Radio question for the day! 03/15/05

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This kind of fit our board........

You were supposed to call in and say if you had a cat or a dog or nothing. Well, we all kind of know that we all at least have a cat!

That kind of kills this question of the day, let me see if I can come up withone of my own!

Ummmmmmmmmm, Oh, I have one......

Do you like thunder/lightening storms or are you afraid of them?
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I can enjoy them as long as my husband is around. They sound really neat but if I am alone and I see lightning... EEPS!!!
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LOL Susie! I love thunderstorms, as long as there are no tornadoes in them headed my way!
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Totally am enthralled by Thunderstorms. If I wake up in the mid of night hearing thunder rolling in & the wind picking up, I'll lay awake & watch outside. Nature is awesome!
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The only thing I'm afraid of is losing power and not having air conditioning for a night in the summer!!!
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i love them aslong as im in the house, not outside!
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I love them!!!, but i'm like you Carrie, on the inside!.
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I like thunder storms too. Very cozy!
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I love storms. I used to stand in my backyard during storms and throw my arms in the air and pretend like I controlled them. My mom freaked out a lot hehe, but I was never struck by lightning. (knock on wood)
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No way, they are scary, especially here in South Florida a.k.a The Lightning capital of the world. It sounds like lightning is hitting next to your house. I have a room with no windows, and I go there when there's lightning. Princess is brave she loves being next to the window. I hate when she does that, because I have to get close to the window to grab her and put her in the room. Gordo usually runs to the room.
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I don't mind thunderstorms at all as long as I don't have to go anywhere. My cat Patsy HATES them. She gets so scared no matter what I do to comfort her. I've tried everything from trying to drown ot the sound with the TV Stereo to just holding her to try to keep her from having a panic attack and disapearing under the bed for 8 hours.
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I like the storms because sometimes make me reflex about the day or something! but I afraid of them
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I like them okay as long as I don't have to go out in them and they are not a precursor to anything else like a tornado. However that depends greatly on how bad they are.
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I like thunderstorms, provided I don't get caught unprotected in one. I love to watch from the house, and one night a lot of years ago, when there was a particularly noisy one in the middle of the night, Rob and I got up and jumped in the car to follow it. That was wild!

The only time I have not been comfortable during a thunderstorm was more than 20 years ago, when I was living in a ground level suite in a house with the land people upstairs, and they were away. I was completely alone in the house (well, except for Shasta, who wasn't happy either). It was the wee small hours, and I got up to visit Mother Nature, which took me from the bedroom into the hall, where I had a perfect view of the back yard, just as a bolt of lightning hit about six feet from the house. Not a happy camper, this kid, no sirree! To say I was happy when it moved away would be the understatement of the century.

Other than that, no problem.
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I love them!
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EEEEKKKK! I hate them!!! I always think there's a tornado. No doubt, I will be visiting TCS from the basement this spring/summer
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I like long as they don't make the power go out!
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I LOVE them! Although, as a child, I was terrified of them...I was convinced that lightning was going to hit my house and cause it to burst into flames! Now I love it when a good storm is raging and I can lay and bed and just listen...
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I find them to be quite relaxing.
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