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Calling all Rosie and Sophie fans!!!!

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I walked into their room and they had just woken up as you can see by Rosies sleepy face

Rosie often sits on the stairs like this

Mum!, is this what they mean about being in the spotlight?!

You play it and i'll sing it!

Sophie ready for a nap

Rosie showing how clean her teeth are

Cat nip time!!!!

And i've saved the best two until last.............................................

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Aww what beautiful photos - they look such good friends.

I do believe you managed to get a couple of photos of Rosie with her mouth closed Had she really run out of things to say - or was she just taking a break between sentences
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Cute as ever......when I shrunk them, I just loved that one of them kissing!
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I knew when you saw it you would like that one Susie. I've seen them doing that so many times and always wished i'd had my camera handy

Beth theres not many times i can tell you
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What pretty kitties!
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Aww...there are the girls! The catnip pics are a crack-up! Rosie looks so stoned!
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YES!! Thank you! You have no idea how excited I get when I see anything from your girls.
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I am a BIG fan of both of these two lovely ladies. I just love Rosie's expressions and her chattering little mouth.
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They are both beautiful, I love the catnip pics, Rosie looks so funny!
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AWWW. Of course the kissing kitties is aborable but I think the Rosie sitting on the stairs is THE BEST YET!!! That is just too cute
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LOL Waffle is cute too Kat Love the antlers
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Susan! Those pics are awesome! Omg! I love the one where they're kissing and the one where Rosie is all "freaking out" on the rug with the catnip!!! Thanks, it was about time for another Rosie/Sophie fix!!!
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susan they are so so cute i cant get over the expression in rosie's face
i love that last one too
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Hello Auntie Susan, I`m here and Milky too!!! what a fantastics pics of Rosie & Sophie boths are marvellous!!!!
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Rosie and Sophie look so cute in all those pictures! I love the pouty face Rosie has in the first pic too and she looks sweet as ever chatting up in the photo shoot.
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Is the title of "#1 Rosie-And-Sophie-Fan-Who's-Not-Susan" up for grabs? Because I want it! ALL of those pictures are fabulous, but of course I have to be a conformist and agree that their kissy face pictures are the best. I am so in love with those two, I cannot imagine how much fun you must have being their meowmy!!!
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Awww! I am SO a Rosie and Sophie fan! I love them... that pic of Sophie close up is sweet... and I love Rosie all drugged out on catnip! But I have to agree, the one where they're kissing looks sooo sweet!
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i knew this thread was a must see by the title! i'm such a big Rosie and Sophie fan. before i joined and was just a lurker i used to seeth with envy at how well r&S seemed to get on as i was only allowed one cat and desperate for another

Rosie has just the cutest, most expressionate face and Sophie looks so naughty. oh Susan i could just EAT them! lol
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Susan, I think Sophie and my Gizzy must be related, he looks so much like her when he's sleepy!
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They are just TOO cute! Rosie's facial expressions are precious! Sophie is adorable!
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, can i join the fan club??? Those pics are too cute for words. I am a big fan of the "Rosie on the steps" pic, and well I only hope Lilly and Ebony get along as well as yours. That kissing pic is great! Talk about a good time to have the camera handy.
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Awwwwwww!! There's my precious girls!

Those are great pics, Susan! I love the kissing ones, and Rosie on the stairs, and the 'nip shots. Heck, I love them all!!!
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Aw look - Beryl put Lilly in her siggy already.

Susan - Pictures are wonderful as usual! I love that one of Rosie getting goofy on the cat nip!
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Awww, they are so cute!!! How could anyone not love those faces?!
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Splendid, Susan! Rosie has so much to say! Love the one of her on the stairs, and especially the kissing one. Lovely!
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Susan, what a great treat to see the girls! And goodness do they look lovely! You can really see their great perosnalities in those shots - thanks so much for sharing! I am sure we will all be looking for more soon...I know I cannot get enough of your girls!
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AWWWWWWWWWWW... The pics of them kissing made my heart MELT!!

I just LOVE seeing pics of your cats! Sophie reminds me a lot of Pepper!

Rosie has such an unique personality with all her chattering! Would LOVE to hear her chattering. I bet you really enjoy that!

Give them kisses for me!
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Gosh they are adorable, can I have them?
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