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If anyone has any ideas to help they would be greatly apprieciated. My 7month old cat loves to rip the toilet paper from the roll and spread it every where. He has lots of toys and scratching posts and still heads for the toilet paper. we have taken it out of his reach but this makes useing the toilet for thefemale members of my house hold a little annoying. My husband is ready to get rid of my cat he didn't want him in the fist place. If any one knows of some kind of product I can buy or some way to change this behavior PLEASE let me know..
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LOL Little terror! Is he named Andrex? What about keeping the bathroom doors shut? If he's only seven months old he'll probably grow out of it.
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Surely there must be some kind of toliet paper cozy or holders on the market?

He needs distraction and redirection before the behavior begins. Thats just my opinion.
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Some cats are just drawn to TP like it's catnip. My Trent will shred TP and paper towels if he has the chance (luckily he hasn't ever figured out that he can shred it while it's on the roll, just if it's in the package or falls on the ground...).

The easiest and best solution is to just keep the bathroom door closed so he doesn't get the chance to shred, which is just plain great fun to him. Trying to train him not to do it would be like setting a catnip mouse in front of him and saying "No" and expecting him to ignore it all day.

Does he unroll the TP from the roll? If so, switching the direction it comes off the roll may help. The ones who do this paw at the top of the roll to get it to come out, so if it unrolls from the back they will just spin it.

You can also take the empty cardboard from another roll of TP, slice it lengthwise, and put this over the top & outside of the TP roll to deny access to the actual paper to him. Easy enough to remove for the humans. Also, I know I've seen neat little decorative covers for TP at craft shows. May not work if there is no counter space, since the ones I've seen are for sitting on the counter, but it's an idea.
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We accidentally solved the problem of shredded toilet paper when we bought scented TP - Jamie avoids lilac or chamomile-scented TP like the plague. It might be worth trying.
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Originally Posted by Mykitty2
.....My husband is ready to get rid of my cat he didn't want him in the fist place. If any one knows of some kind of product I can buy or some way to change this behavior PLEASE let me know..

You're new here so please, please don't take this in a stern or bad way....but the biggest clue is that statement, above. You've gotten some great advice and it's rather a two-part problem: change the stimuli (the toilet paper) and also change the vibes put out into the environment (your hubby) and you might notice a positive difference.
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Gosh, I've never had a cat that DIDN't like toilet paper. Mika and Bijou both love to have a go at it. I just put it down to being one of the prices for having kitties. Anyone visiting us knows we have cats and if they have a problem using the toilet paper - too bad!

If your husband wants to get rid of the cat for this small infraction, perhaps it WOULD be better for the cat to find him/her another home where pretty much normal kittie behaviour is acceptable. I really don't mean that to sound judgmental or harsh - I just think perhaps not enough thought or knowledge of cats was in the mix before adopting this kitty. Cats are not for everyone just like dogs aren't. I love dogs, but I don't want one as I know they are more work than I'm willing to take on.

Just a thought.
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Hammie is 3 yrs old and STILL to this day has a field-day with toilet paper. He'll lay on the floor beside the Throne & bat at the tp, watch it roll a little, then catch it with his claw, and oops... off he goes!

I just laugh, I think it's funny. He doesn't do it every day, just when he's in the bathroom with me and he's bored.

There ARE weights that are built in to certain tp holders. Just remove the tp holder that you have and put one of those in. It has this flap-thing that lightly clamps down on the tp so it doesn't fold up.

Another idea, to deter kitty from seeing that tempting dangling piece of TP; just tuck the edge of the tp under, in on itself, like they do in fancy hotels? You just give it some slack & tuck it under the roll. It's not that much of a pain in the butt.

Please don't get rid of your cat because he has a fetish for TP.

Also if your hubby didn't want a cat in the first place... he still has around-about 17 years to go, of living with this cat. There will be other issues as the cat ages. Maybe you could find kitty another home? I have known way too many cats who existed in hostile homes before they found good homes (see my babies below) who were kicked to the curb for reasons like this.
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Dushka loves toilet paper and kitchen roll too, and will shred them to bits. I now have a covered roll holder, I have to keep the bathroom open as two of the cats' litter boxes are in there. I have to say I laugh if she does get hold of one - she obviously has such a good time with it!
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Well there are a number of different covers/holders that cats can't get into. I'm sure you can find something cheap online.

In the meanwhile take a small plastic cup, fill it up with water and balance it on the roll. When he trys to unroll it, he will get wet and take off.
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My Frantic doesn't like TP when its on the roll...he likes to pull it out from under the sink and then attach it like prey. So now every roll under the sink is in its own protective ziplock baggie.

Shalimar (RB) used to sit in front of the roll and use it like a scratching post. But when I turned the roll around so it came out from behind, she didn't get the fun out of it and left it along.


Check out this website. It has some modern looking covers
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Mine all went through the "attack the toilet paper on the roll" stage too. The two youngest were the worst, but they appear to have outgrown it generally. Toilet paper or paper towel off of the roll, however, now THAT is a different story - especially if it is still wrapped in its plastic wrapping. I have come home to find one or the other of them with the roll still in its plastic wrapping being carried like prey in his/her mouth then all of a sudden they roll over and start to rabbit kick the roll, holding it to their chests with their front paws.

You kitten sounds bored - she is finding toys for herself. I think using one of the highly scented tp sounds like a good solution - cats don't like highly perfumed things- although your husband may have the same objection as the cat. I would also try and find more time to play interactively with your cat. For what it is worth, if this happened to me, I'd be tempted to get rid of the husband instead of the cat. Intolerance and an inability to see humour can be difficult traits with which to live.

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The advice regarding changing the direction of the roll worked well for me! I read that someplace else and tried it - Cosmo hasn't touched the paper since. She does quite like the empty tube, though, once I'm done. Little things like that, and keeping the toys fresh by rotating them with other toys, works wonders at keeping our little furries happy and content, especially if they are indoors only1
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