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omg-she was CRAZY last night!

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Recently my Adelaide has been really really really vocal. She has always been a talker, but she has really started howling over the last week or so.

Well, she was at it all night last night, but it got really bad around midnight--she kept my husband and I up for an hour or two--and we aren't talking her normal meow..this was a serious howl that I haven't ever heard her make before. She was also tearing around the apartment playing with some of her toys, specifically thrashing her feather toy around so that the plastic stick would hit the walls. She would be quiet if we got up and played with her for a little while, but then she would start right up again. We all got some sleep around 2:30 when she finally went to sleep, but she was at it again at 6:30 this morning.

Nothing has changed at all about her surroundings, and for the most part, this is the only aspect of her behavior that has changed. We still play with her interactively TONS during the day, and she has plenty of food and water. However, I was relating this story to some coworkers today and they suggested that she could be in heat??

Is that possible?? When we adopted her they didn't know if she had been spayed (she is a long hair and they couldn't tell if she had a scar), but when the vet examined her they said that she had been, probably years ago (she is appox. 3) We have had her since October and I have never seen anything like how she has been acting.
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My girlcats are all fixed, however, there was a point when they were not!They used to cry, howl, rub, bump up their butts on everything.

If the vet says she's spayed then I guess the vet's right... maybe you need a second opinion? Maybe Adelaide is BORED?

My cats are all fixed (3 gals 3 boyz) and every now and then, they'll make their own noise during the night. Sometimes Snickers will leave my side in the mid of night to go downstairs and "sing". It sounds so mournful, sad, and scary that I have to go down and get him!!! He'll just be standing in the middle of the room all by himself singing.

My one girlcat Jessie also talks a lot, it almost sounds like a little girl crying.

Is Adelaide an only child? I mean only cat??? She might need a buddy!
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well, there has been no butt bumping, but she has been rubbing against just about everything more often than before...

She might be bored, but it just seemed weird to me that she suddenly became so bored that she would start howling like that in the middle of the night...when we tried to get her and bring her to bed she would just jump back down and start yelling again....the last time we thought she was bored we really amped up the play time and it seemed to do the trick and its not like we have cut back on the quality time with her

She is an only child--I thought about getting her a buddy but the more I thought about it, she has been such a dream animal and I was afraid to bring anyone else into the mix.

I kinda freaked a bit though when I was reading that some vets only take part of the goods out when they spay a kitty...??
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