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Color me stunned

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My husband just lost his job. They called him in to the room fifteen minutes before quitting time, handed him 3 checks and escorted him back to his desk (to make sure he didn't steal anything I guess) and then escorted him out of the building! No reason given, nothing, they told him they "don't have to give him a reason!"

You know it is odd, he has had 3 jobs in his entire life, worked for Boeing for 12 years, worked for Alascom for 30 years, goes back to work in this podunk factory for a friend to bail them out, and gets fired. I am stunned and so is he.
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I am so sorry!

I wish I could say something that would make it better

You know that I'm here for you
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Mary Anne,

If there is anything I can do please let me know. I'm so sorry. It's just like an employer to wait till 15 minutes before quitting time. They've just gotta get that last full day out of you. I've been there.

You have my number at work. If you feel like talking, I'm here. Hang in there pal. I'm thinking of you.



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Have you checked with a lawyer?? I don't know how your system works,but these idiots would have about 5 govt agencies up their butt here.

I would think that there are legal options here. This could affect his future employment. SUE THE MUTTS!!!!!
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Hissy - I'm so sorry to hear this. It's never easy to lose a job, but it's especially hard when they don't tell you why! My husband lost his job last year because the company was outsourcing their IT work, but it was still hard. How is your hubby taking this? I'll say a prayer for you, if you don't mind.

Kittyfoot - I think the legal recourse is very dependent on the state you live in. Here in Texas, it's a right to hire/right to fire state, so your employer can basically fire you without cause at any time. Bummer.
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Wow, Hissy. That's a pretty bitter pill to swallow. I hope Mike is able to find a job soon.
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Mary anne; I am stunned! I'm so sorry I did not see this thread 'til now. All I can say is; sometimes in order for a new door to open an old one has to close. I don't, however; think that there is any excuse for their not telling Mike why. I will be praying that this is just the start of a much better, brighter future for you and Mike. If you need to talk to me (anytime); I am up late most nites. I just can't believe this. This is so sudden. I hope Mike can keep his spirits up. I know you will help him.
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I am sorry to hear that your husband lost his job, Hissy I think it's ridiculous how any company can tell someone they are fired "because they can do that without having a reason!" I hope he is able to find a job soon. Can he maybe call up his ex-boss or HR to find out the real reason as to why he was let go?
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Hissy, I'm very sorry to hear this news. Best of luck to you all. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

You see, folks, the state of Oregon is an employers' paradise. The state legislature has been Republican for years; and all manner of statutes regarding the workplace have been enacted making it difficult on workers and easy on employers. In contrast would be the state of Michgan, where workers still have legal rights you don't need a microscope to find.

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I'm so sorry! That is a shocking thing to happen, with no notice or anything, right before the holidays. Wow. I'll be thinking of you! Hope you get this squared away soon.
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Mary Anne, I am so sorry to hear that! Mike and you don't deserve this, but like others have said, let's hope it all turns out for the best.

If there's anything I can do to help please let me know... My thoughts are with you and Mike!
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Not much I can add to whats already been said, I'm so sorry.

I know so many people who are so undeserving and take their jobs for granted, and put next to nothing into their work. Then theres you and Mike, who do so much in so many ways, and something like this happens. Its so unbelievable.

Again, I'm so sorry, you'll be okay though, and my prayers are with you.
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MaryAnne and Mike - Please take care of yourselves. There is never a good time to be treated like this and I am so very sorry for you all.
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Sorry to hear of your bad luck. Sometimes I dont think there is any such thing at all as job security!!

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oh, wow. I'm really sorry that happened. I wonder why they won't say why he was fired. Probably because there's no real reason. Are there lay-offs where he works? Things will get better with time
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That is terrible news, I am so sorry. I deal everyday with people who have lost their jobs, I work for the Canadian Employment Insurance program. In Canada we have a government body called "employment standards" that takes on an employer who has wrongfully dismissed someone. In Canada the employer has to provide a reason for termination, or the government will contact them for answers as a person may not qualify for benefits if they are dismissed for misconduct. I hope that you can get some answers or at least a glowing reference for him.
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What a bummer - I am so sorry to hear that. If he took the job to bail out a friend - can't his frind find out why he was let go - so at least he can have some closure.

Hang in there things like these usually are for the better, however when it happens we have a hard time realizing it.

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Hissy, I've been sick and haven't seen your poat until now.
I am SO sorry for the crap you have been put thru! I agree, you should contact a lawyer. At least he will be able to find out why your other have was fired. That was BS. Even in a restruant, we have to give SOME sort of explaination about why we are terminating an employee.
Don't ya just hate those bigwig SOBs!?
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