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Okay I finally got to see the video! Trixe was soooo cute the way she tried to ignore the camera. She reminded me of Jess. Tiggy and Petals were sweeties too.

Oh yeah, and don't stop the voice work. You are a very good "Catonese" translator.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
You are a very good "Catonese" translator.
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I'd love to see it. Please send it to

Thank you.
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oh I can't wait for mine to come I keep checking hotmail and it's not there yet. I want to see TTP - so come on hotmail - speed it across the Atlantic to me. Pllleeeeaaaasssee.
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I want Tiggy! Don't get me started....

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Originally Posted by captiva

I want Tiggy! Don't get me started....

I did try for work Chris but it got bounced back! I'm going to try again....calm down!
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We want to see, too!
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Yay I just watched it! I love how Tiggy was lying there, how funny!
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Mine hasn't arrived...don't forget me!
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Can I see the movie star video also Susie?
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Marge, Steph and Chris, I just sent it to you. Sandra, yours will be on it's way soon!
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Coolness.... Cant wait
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Don't forget about me!!!
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That is the most cutest movie ever !! TTP are definitely movie stars.
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The babies are lovely, Susie -- looooooooooove the TiggyTummy! and the girls are sweet. Thanks for sharing.
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I woke up this morning and guess what??? Trixie, Tiggy and Petals were in my mail waiting for me

They are gorgeous!! Trixie is lovely, she looks to have an independent streak. Tigger is so soft, rolling over like that. As for Petals - what a little cutie.

It was well worth the wait.

Well I played the video three times for Lily. She watches Trixie and Tiggy. But each time Petals comes on the screen - she touches her picture. I think it's because she looks like Lily's best friend Tippy
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Thanks everyone. So glad you all liked it. Chris and marge, I tried again,but it got bounced back to me. I don't understand it. Sorry!
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I just updated my internet security and it has a Spam thing on it. I wonder if that's it. I must figure it out. I can't have this happening.
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Your babiesa re soooo precious, Susan! Thank you so much!
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I received the video. TTP are very cute kitties. Thanks for sharing.
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I do!

But please, once its on emal, where is the link? There wasn't one last time.
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