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Trap/Neuter/Release??? Need help

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Okay... I have two feral females that I care for. What I need to know is where to bring them for a spay and release? I live in Central Florida, and I would appreciate if anyone could give me a website, or some sort of way to find a clinic that does it. This is my first time, so, I'm new at this. Never done a TNR before. I appreciate any advice that can be given!

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Originally Posted by Sweets
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Originally Posted by Addy
It means they are making your post go to the "top" again so more people will hopefully see and respond to it so you can get an answer since you do not have one yet.
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I'm not sure about your area or anything, I do know about this organization/website:

Alley Cat Allies

Maybe they can help. Sorry I don't know more.
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There is a website www.catcall.org that has some info on ferals and TNR in Florida. Click on the feral link on the top and it has some info on TNR and someone from there may be able to help you in your area.
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Thank you all for the websites, and the info! After reading more, I guess that my cats aren't feral, they are stray. I thought feral was a term for a homeless cat, but I can now see that that isn't true, that a feral is fearful of humans. Sorry about the confusion. The websites are helpful, and I will have to talk to my mom about taking the long trip to Tampa to get them spayed, but I will get on it ASAP! Once again, thanks for all the help!!!

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Addy..that's great...by you caring about these 2 strays and getting them fixed you will save countless unborn litters...good for you!!!

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Addy - I'm SO glad you're going to get these female kitties spayed!

Are you sure there isn't somewhere closer that you can take the cats for spaying rather than go to Tampa? Try calling all the local vets. The receptionist may be able to refer you to an organization or individual who is doing TNR in your town. Contact them and see if they can refer you to a low-cost and, hopefully, more local clinic. There may also be some shelters and humane societies listed in your yellow pages. Give them a call and see if they offer spay/neuter.

You're doing the best thing for these cats - they're very lucky to have you to care about them! Please keep us updated on how things are going.
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If you are in south florida these people will help you

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