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I added a third cat

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I joined here a little while ago when I got Chloe. She has since had her spay surgery, and we have adopted another cat, Connor. I have updated my signature to a new one I made myself.

Connor was adopted from a shelter in Maryville Mo on March 1st, I was told he had been there for a long time. He was sponsered and his adoption cost, vaccs and Neuter was prepaid. He was neutered (March 2)the day before coming home on March 3rd. It was a 2 hour trip for me to drive there. And of course two hours for me and Connor and my oldest son to come home. But he was really really worth it. He is a beautiful cat, and has added some more fun to our home and more love also.
He loves to eat, and is quite large (at 10 months he weighs about 15 pounds) He was scared to death of the television, but now he will sit like a prince on the sofa and watch it.

We had one litterbox accident, without the litterbox present, but we are taking care of that by adding a third litterbox to my daughters room where it occured. Her room underwent a EXTREME makeover yesterday so we could get it ready for the new litterbox.
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Aww congrats on the new addition!!
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awww good for you on adopting your new furbaby
lots of pictures please
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Sometimes cats do not like to do #1 and #2 in the same box as well. You might end up needing more litterboxes. Generally its recommended you have 2 per cat in various locations. Although.. we have 3 in one spot and 1 in another with 2 cats and it works out ok.
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Congratulations on your new addition - it's so nice to see your babies in your siggy.
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Aww...congratulations on your beautiful new addition! What fun!
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Congrats on your new baby and "hi" from a fellow Kansas girl!
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Welcome, Conner! You are handsome, indeed!
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Awww! Give Connor a big hug for me. I'll bet he's really happy in his new home.
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Conga-rats Tina!!! Welcome to the family Conner
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Hi Connor! You're very handsome!
Congratulations and thank you Tina for adopting him!
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Wonderful! We grew from a two to a three cat family about 4 months ago and couldn't be more happy that we did.
Best of luck!
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Thanks to all of you who responded. I am glad I adopted him also, except for at 4 this morning when he rudely awaked me so he could steal my bed.

The litterbox issue is not an issue, appearently he was locked in my daughters room and could not hold it any more. There has been no gifts from him anywhere in the house except for the box the last 3 days good boy connor
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I like his name, teehee,,you spell it slightly different than my Conner though.
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that was the name he came with, he responds to it so i did not change it.
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I really like Connor by his picture. he reminds me a lot of the cat I had wayyy back when I was a child!
Glad the litterbox thing worked out
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welcome to the family Connor! Belly rubs to all from Mischka & Linx!
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How wonderful for you! We went from two kitties to 3 kitties just this past Christmas. I LOVE having 3 kitties! Triple the fun, for sure!
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