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I need some advice

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My sweetie pie has been having trouble with her poopies for a few weeks now. I found that if I keep her wet and dry food in proportion it seems to be ok - regular firm healthy stools. Well 2 or 3 days ago, I was gone for the day, so the wet food didn't happen. That night she only pooped a little stool, and a drop of liquid. She did this 3 or 4 times yesterday. Today the little stool became a runny small stool. I know I need to get her to the vet, but I haven't worked in over 6 months. I don't even have the money to pay my own bills at this point.
Does anyone know of how I can get my baby the help she needs? I was thinking of calling up my regular vet and seeing if he could work something out with me, but I don't think that is very likely. Does any one have any advice for me? I have to get her some help ASAP
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It could be food intolerance, or it could be a health issue. You can try adding some canned pumpkin to your cat's diet, but if there is a parasite invasion or another health issue the added fiber will not clear it up. I would not leave you cat alone for 24 hours or longer again without having someone come in and check on her and leave her food that she can digest without to much problem. She does really need to see a vet.

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I would never leave her alone for a whole day - I was only gone from 10 am till 8 pm. Its just that I am home all day so she is used to my being here and this was the longest I have been gone in a while...
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I agree with the other poster. But, what happens if you don't feed her the dry food? Is her poop a normal consistency? I've had three cats in the passed all who had trouble with dry cat foods and once I removed it from their diets their problems remedied themselves. At the moment, I have another cat with some dietary sensitivities (I seem to get all the cats with food issues). My cat has to have pate form cat food only, no dry food, no cat foods in gravy or jelly. Dry foods make him constipated and gravy/jelly gives him diaharea.

It really is best to talk to a vet. Maybe if you can't afford to go at the moment you can at least phone up and ask questions.
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Oh, I'm sorry. It feels so bad to be in a place where you feel like you can't take the best care of your loved ones.

That said, there are two places around where I live (right outside of Philly) that have low-cost vet clinics (one is the SPCA, one is a Humane Society). Maybe you could call around a find something like that near you? I'd say their prices are about 1/2 to 2/3 of the price of a non-clinic vet.

A caveat: We've taken our Ziv once to each and haven't been overwhelmed by the quality of care. But, since you're struggling, I'd say that it's still a good option--and of course, if you go, you can see for yourself how devoted the vet seems.

Eva and Ziv were recently diagnosed with worms by our regular vet. I think the vet is sort of pricey in general, but a stool sample test was about $25 and the meds were about $13. Worms might not be the cause of your cat's problem, but if they are, it's an easy and relatively cheap solution.

Best of luck to you.
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Puff'Mom- this is such excellent advice on local Humane Societies. Not seeing where you are -- could you try? I think if you're forthright and say what you can do and of course what you cannot do -they will respect you for even trying to provide care for your little one. I can't imagine the HS would turn you away.
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I am new to this forum, and haven't gotten my account setup completely and I just noticed that I have Puff listed as a kitten - well to me she is but she is actually 15 y/o. In the past 15 years, I have worked and had really good paying jobs, so not being able to just call the vet and take her in - no muss no fuss - is a new situation for me.

I thank you all for your input. You have given me some good advice on places to look and people to contact. I am sure that by the end of the day I will have found some help for her!

Thank you all!
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Originally Posted by PuffsMom

I am new to this forum, and haven't gotten my account setup completely and I just noticed that I have Puff listed as a kitten - well to me she is but she is actually 15 y/o. Thank you all!
No sweetie, it's YOU that are the kitten! It's your standing on the Forum because your so new. (Like tadpole, guppy, polywog - remember swimming lessons?)
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