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Poop on fur

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Rosies quite fluffy underneath and up her bottom area so i'm suprised this has only just happend now!.

Last night i noticed a tiny bit of hardened poop on her fur, and for the life of me there was no way she would let me get to it!.

I wrapped her in a towel so i could get at it properly, but she didn't like it and started crying which made Sophie come running over touching Rosies face gently with her paw and sniffing her face.

I gave up as a bad job because it was stressing her too much .

So, i wondered how else i could get it off?. I've thought about dabbing the area in question with warm water?.

Oh and when Sophie acted like she did, did she think i was harming Rosie
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Warm water might do it if you can get Rosie to sit still long enough! Otherwise, you may have to resort to scissors.

I used to have a British Shorthair (very thick fluffy short fur); one morning she'd visited the litter tray, and it was very runny. Well, something must have startled her, because she sat in it. I took her into our bathroom to try to clean it off, but failed to get it all. In fact, me trying to get the poop off just worked it further into her fur. I had to wake up the b/f to help me while I cut the offensive fur off her backside. So I told him to cheer up, at least if anyone asked him what he'd done at the weekend, he could say 'I cut s**t of the cat's a**e!'

There is a Persian that lives near me, he often has Klingons on his fur. His owners tend to do a little trim round there once a week or so, to stop him getting smelly.

Best of luck,

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I'm laughing because you said klingons! I was going to say that but didn't think others would know what i was talking about?!

I was really thinking of just soaking the area to get the little gremlin off her because theres no way she would sit in it

Other than this her rump areas been fine, and although it's just small i don't want her to lick it off BTW would it harm her if she did?!.
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In my experience, we've had cats just pull out the offending "klingon" themselves as they groom. I think it annoys you more than it annoys Rosie! It's possible that Rosie will take care of it herself since it is small and hardened.

And cats have been licking their butts for eons...
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Thats when i let them kiss me i try not to think too much about where they've been Jan!
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I have quite the memory the first time Wallace had "klingons" on his furry behind. Tried the wiping and all that did was smear it; ended up trimming it all off. That's what I do, I just cut it off.
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My Gross Story:

I have long haired cats. I came home to find one of them had gotten quite a bit of poop stuck to her butt, and in a wild effort to get it off had dragged her butt across half the apartment. There was a brown streak running through the kitchen, into the living room, onto our ottoman (it's pretty crappy anway) and out into the hallway.

I trimmed it out of her fur, gave her a bit of a wash, and made an appointment to see the groomer the next day. Poor Kitty was pretty unhappy herself, she didn't like having poo stuck on her butt all day.

I think it is best to cut them out if they occur, because you don't want it all over the house. You do have to be careful of course.
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I think i'll try the warm water because i tried with the scissors last night, but because she got stressed i was scared incase i snipped her by accident

Thank goodness this doesn't happen often
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If she lets you, after you get this clump of poo off her butt, maybe keep those fluffy butt hairs trimmed short to lessen the chance that it will happen again. That is what I do with my Himalayan.
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Poor Rosie! My persian boy James used to have this problem a lot, he had incredibly fluffy trousers. I used to put warm water and a weak solution of baby soap in the sink and then stand his hind legs in the water and give him a wash when it was bad- since only a little of him got wet he didn't mind it much, and he absolutely hated being in a mess. If it's only a little and it's dried, then with very fluffy cats it'll often comb out very quickly and easily. We took the advice about clipping and that made a huge difference, the vet nurses used to do it every couple of months and it only took a few minutes.
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If I notice this happening with Grizzly as she is a bit chubby I'll give her a haircut. Last month I was making a tuna casserole and gave Bakker the "tuna Juice" I use The tuna packed in oil and it wasn't agreeing to his digestive track and he was pretty messy. I think just the way we touch the cats and then they have a warm but wet washcloth on an area kind of freaks them out to.
Plus he's a licker-just don't think about were that tongue was....
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Thanks for all the replies everyone!

I'm going to give her another day before i dab her from behind with a warm wet sponge so it's not too much of a shock to her because i don't want to stress her again so soon, then if that doesn't work i'll try and cut it off while she's having her weekly treat of tuna . Then if all else fails it's off to the vet for it to be removed!, it may be small but i know it's there
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gibby wirh that great brush of a tail got his backside all sodden (chances are he zigged when he should have zagged) and by the time we woke up it was EVERYWHERE!! (The cat, the windowsill, the bathroom) I just held him under warm running water (backside only) until it rinsed, and for good measure washed his rear thoroughly.
goodness it wasn't pleasant.
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It's off!!!!! She was sitting in front of the

computer screen which is when she normally gets a treat and i thought "Gotcha"

So i put 3 treats down, Rosie bent over to get them, then with the spotlight on her rear end "snip" and it was off
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Yay!! Rosie's klingon is gone!! It's the little things in life that make it worthwhile... :
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Yay! No more Rosie klingons!! LOL

And I was just going to suggest getting some safety scissors - the kind with rounded ends that they entrust to small kids.

Knock on wood - I have 4 long haired cats and don't have klingon problems with any of them. Now that I say this, I'll find one tomorrow.
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Amy brilliant idea Not one to tempt fate but just incase theres a next time?!, so i will get some at the weekend.
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I am so pleased that you managed to complete the klingon removal procedure! I hope you don't have to use the safety scissors you buy!
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Well done! You obviously had your cunning plan worked out, I also favour the 'distract with food' ploy, works most times.

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Yeah cats are clever without a doubt, but not that clever!!
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marsh's got long sinky coat, so we handled a few dingleberries in the past. Even now, i pick a few off him, but rarely.

The best thing to do is trim his hair on the bottom, leaving about 1/2 inch to 3/4th. I do it with scizzors, myself, but marsh's a pretty cool customer, he doesn't mind. I wonder if with a more active cat, it woudl be a problem.

NEVER use water to get them off. you'll create a big mess. take a pair of scizzors and just cut the hair in that place to release the dingleberry. that's it.
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Here's a great comprarison i just thought of:

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Now that i've mastered the art on how to distract her i'll do the same again with the treats and snip away at the fluffy part on her but i'll get the rounded scissors on saturday first
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Poor Rosie! I guess the klingons can't resist her soft, fluffy coat. Good luck keeping them at bay!
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