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What a way to start the week.....

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I wake up feeling like something you scrape off the unerside of a boot. call the D. and they can't fit me in. Go to work. EVERYTHING is just off. Then at 11:30 I get a call. It's Jason. His dad is in the hospital. He's just had a car accident.

Well. he's okay.. roughly. He was hit from behind, with the guy seriously speeding and might I add, not looking wherre he's going because ehs' busy looking for his map?) so, he was hit from beind with enough force to BREAK the drivers seat and send him flying back into the back of the van. He couldn't reach the pedals to stop....he slid along the guard rails 1100 ft. before stopping. That's not the whole of it. he had a motorcycle strapped down in back. It roke loose and fell on his head and shoulder, breaking his collarbone and serously mashing his face. Also, he lost his leg to lymphodema last year, andbecause of the broken collarbone, he now can't use crutches (thank god he's already started learning to walk with a prosthesis...

So.. roughly said- it's been a day, people. the poor chap had us all going out of our heads with worry, he's got a grapefruit sized contusion on his forehead, and a black eye, busted up lip- and his wife's blood sugar was at 39 when we finally got them home-sheesh!
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Goodness you poor thing!! What a rough day to have to go through. Big big BIG hug from me and purrs from Waffle.
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Sorry to hear about your day. My uncle was hit in a similar situation a couple years back. He was hit from behind while stopped at a light...he hit his head off the steering wheel, lost consciousness and fell back into the back seat (driver's seat had broken in this case too). He ended up vomiting while unconscious. Amazingly, my cousin, then 11 years old, jumped back there, cleared his airway, made sure he was breathing and went looking for a cell to call 911. Crazy what people can do in a pinch, huh? My uncle is back to normal now and I hope that'll be the case for Jason's dad, and soon. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt even worse with that motorcycle in there. Luckily, it sounds like you and the rest of the family will be his much-needed support system. Again, I hope he (and you, sorry your sick) is feeling better soon.
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Gosh, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. I'm also sorry to hear that your father in law got into an accident. I'm just glad to hear that he's ok and that everythign turned out relatively ok.
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WOW! What a day! It's amazing that accident wasn't even worse, given your description. Hope you're all on the mend soon, and they throw the book at that idiot.
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Oh dear... Sorry to hear about Jason's dad. Hope he mends quickly.
And may your week get better than how it started!
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What a rough day, Denise! Sure hope you're feeling better and that Jason's Dad recovers quickly.
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Wow, I was just in a car wreck.. they suck. My uttermost bestest thoughts for Jason's Dad and all of the family. I hope he heals quickly and has very little pain.
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I hope you are feeling much better soon!

Sorry to hear about Jason's Dad! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

to you all!
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Oh no!! I hope Jasons Dad is going to be alright. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

How is Jason feeling. That must have been very scarey for him to get that phone call about his dad and then to see him in the hospital.

What is it with mondays and car crashes?
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I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well, but I do wish you a speedy recovery.
Poor guy! I hate that for sucks to get hurt like that when your only fault was being in the wrong place at the wrong time (well, duh, Leigh!) but I wish him the best and I hope he is soon feeling better as well.
Maybe you've had your crisis for the week and the rest of it will be much better. I'll keep some positive waves that it'll work out that way, at least.
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Oh poor guy. Sending lots of vibes for a speedy recovery and for you to feel better soon too
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Sending best wishes for Jason's dad's recovery, and your own!
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oh Denise! How awful a start to your week!!! How draining and it's not even Wednesday. I am sorry!
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Awwww, that afwul! I hope you're feeling better. Don't go to work tomorrow! Your body heals itself AT REST!!!
Poor Jason's Dad! Prayers for you all.
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I hope you and Jason's Dad feel better real soon. The car accident sounds terrifying. It is scary that there are so many people talking on cell phones, trying to read maps, etc. while they're driving.
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