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Cruelty and abuse

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This painful issue was brought up in the Dunkin threads and I thought I'd get your opinions on something.

Every week, I search through the internet newspapers for the kitty headlines (as part of the weekly update of the site). I'm sorry to say that almost half the stories are about cases of cruelty and abuse. I'm never quite sure what to do with those headlines. I know that some people are very sensitive and wouldn't like to see that info on the main page. On the other hand I feek that this is an important issue.

In one of the issues of Cat Fancy this year they said that they received a lot of angry letters from readers after they ran a story about cat abuse. People said they don't want these storied brought into their houses because it's too upsetting.

So far what I do is I try to publish the stories that have a good ending or that show the compassionate side of people who helped the cat after it had been abused.

I'll go and fish some headlines for you to see which kind of stories I'm talking about.

I'd like to know what people here think about this.
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Far too many people are too quick to bury their heads in the sand with these kind of issues . I think you are right to bring them into the open where people can't ignore them.

Then maybe something more would be done. Make people stand up and take notice!
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No matter how much you wish this aspect of society didn't exist it does. People get angry (in my opionion) because after reading the incidents, it weighs heavy on their hearts and reminds them of the blackness in society that does exist. They don't want to think about it, because if they don't think about it then it can't possibly exist! But more and more we are finding out that some members of society who torture small animals, go on to be major serial killers. So we can't bury our head in the sand. We need to wipe the grains out of our eyes that are stinging with tears, and try to figure out what we can do as a society to stop the insanity. I wish, for everytime a pedophile or animal abuser commits a crime a harsh sentence would be handed down. First, castration, then perhaps chopping off a hand. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but what the animal and child has to endure is a lot harsher.

I also don't buy the argument that the perpetrator was so severely abused that he couldn't help but maim the child or animal. I was also heavily abused growing up, and I have some problems from it, but I also rescue the helpless. I know of a lot of adults in my generation that were also abused during childhood, and they have gone on to do great things. People get angry, because they don't want to know- they are selfish in that way. JMO
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Here are some examples:

Reward set in abuse of kitten

Photos Lead to Cat Torture Arrests-not for the sqeamish!

Cat Fatally Set On Fire

And the, which I have deliberately avoided for the past few weeks. Although it was all over the place. One thing - please don't visit their site. I haven't. Their success is measured in visitors and page views and I don't want to contribute to that.

FBI Investigates Prank 'Bonsai Kitty' Web Site

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I went to the site and was horrified at the visuals as well as the graphic way the creator had of feeding the kitten. There was a huge storm about it on many of the animal boards, many argueing it had to be a joke, but you know what? And I know you do, it was a sick joke perpetrated by a couple of sick college students. The phone number on the site was traced to a pay phone outside of New York City and there was a flood of email sent to the server prompting them to shut it down.

It just all brings tears to my eyes reading about how much these innocent beings have to endure. Makes me want to go on a shooting spree and I am not talking about my camera either! I know we can do something about all this, I am just not clear how to go about it as it seems to be so widespread. We need to collectively get together and form an organization that is focused on one thing. Stopping the suffering of these poor innocents!
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Anne-I think it's important for people to know that horrible, ugly things happen to beautiful innocent creatures. Too many people think that these incidents are isolated or they are made up from overactive imaginations. It sickens me to read these articles but I do, so I can tell people at my office--far too many of them think these stories are exagerrated (sp?) or they have the Stone Age mentality of it's "just a cat." (Yet, these same people shed tears when a child is abused-I don't get it....)
Go for it....
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I'm with the group. People have a tendency to look at the world through rose colored glasses. Even me. Before I was into cat rescue or even into cats, I never even gave it a thought about the cruelty to cats or overpopulation. Since then, I have become painfully aware of what is going on around me and am sickened by it. I read the story about the firehouse mascot cat who was killed by two pit bulls in Pennsyvania. The dogs were being trained for fighting. Witnesses heard two guys yelling "Get em!" Donations poured in, as well as offers to replace the kitty. PA residents were angry at the firefighters too because they didn't call 911, and demanded to know what the firemen were doing when this was all going on.

I won't visit the bonsaikittie site, as Anne said, I don't want to contribute to this sick person's success on the web.

People need to KNOW what is done to these wonderful, trusting creatures. And if they don't like it or don't want it in their homes, then don't read it or don't subscribe to it.

I read a story about the Singapore kitties tonight. Did you know that it is illegal to feed a stray/homeless cat? Did you also know that the Government of Singapore has labled cats "Vermin", and it is illegal to take in a homeless cat?? These beautiful animals were made "homeless" by their own people. Why the hell SHOULDN'T the government take care of them. They don't even provide funds for spay/neuter. Makes me sick to my stomach.

And Hissy, you're right - Ignorance is bliss. People would rather not know. Yet if it happened to them, they'd be the first people to complain.

Good for you Anne!
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I think you should put them on the site. Maybe more people will become aware of the HUGE problem of animal abuse. In Aprils issue of Cat Fancy magazine there are some resources on abuse.
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I think Donna stated it perfectly. People need to be made aware. I'm not sure if I, personally, could click on those links because I (temporarily) have PC access only at work and if I see something about cat pain/torture I'm liable to start crying and/or get VERY angry and distraught. OK, OK, so as a man I have extra Y-chromozomes (joke). I just want to help and rescue them all. I think cats are Gods greatest gift to us. Its so disheartening to read about how cruel people can be. It is an unfortunate fact that it happens and I feel people should be made aware. I just hope that if I catch someone torturing a cat I won't end up in prison, because I will kill a person if I saw it happening.
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I think you need to post them too - I see and rescue abused animals all the time - I have some pretty awful stories of my own, and they don't all have happy endings. Unless people start to acknowledge what our society does to animals, cats in particular, we can't make changes. My newspaper columns will carry some of the abuse issues that go on and some people do get upset - but I bet I have changed their lives somehow. I will be glad to share some of my tales of woe, good and bad endings if the people on this site want to know.
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I agree that it is important to post news of cruelty to kitties. We need to make people aware of the harm they do when they don't properly care for their pets. Unfortunately, that kind of negligence and cruelty is not limited to the pet population. We live in a world that does not always value life in any form. Not only should we be aware of the abuse and cruelty in the world, we need to come up with solutions.

We must also remember that there are wonderful and caring people in the world, and I think Anne does a good job of showing us that. Let's not focus solely on the bad. Each of us at the forum is part of the solution, we ahould celebrate that together.
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Thanks for the input everyone! I think I'll be less cautious next time I choose the headlines and I'll post the less nice ones too. I also think I'll try and bring more headlines to the forums - good and bad. I don't know how many of you actually go through the headlines links, but sometimes I really want to share what I feel about those articles and this is a great place to do so.

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Anne, I always check out the kitty headlines. I think the good should out weigh the bad, but both do need to be made known.
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I live in Seattle, a little south of Gold Bar where a kitten named Angel was severly abused. I saw that Anne had put a link to the article in The Seattle Times and I just wanted to say that the media coverage on this case has been phenomenal. Every time I turn on the TV they are talking about little Angel. The entire Seattle area is outraged by the incident and I am very pleased to see such a response. Luckily, we have much better animal cruelty laws in this state after the beating death of Pasado the donkey. I hope the teens who did this don't get off lightly--people need to get the message that animal abuse is not acceptable and will certainly not be tolerated. Annie Steele
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I went to the links you poste, anne, and was so sickened and saddened by the articles I read about the abuse....I feel so bad for those little cats......and angry that people can do this to them!!!! I too think we need to be aware of it, even if it is so painful to read.
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Annie, Zoe is a cutie pie! Shes just adorable? Cool name too!
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Hi everyone,

I just read the article about the kitty that was tortured and killed. Just reading the article made me ill! I couldn't bring myself to go into the pictures. Right now I want to cry. It definitely sounds to me like some kind of satanic ritual to me. Couldn't finish my dinner.
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I'm with you, hon. I couldn't read it. I get verbal and very aggitated at such horrible stories. I mean, people need to be made aware instead of turning a deaf ear, but I try to avoid those stories. You saw how emotional I got at the Dunkin story! It drives me nuts to hear about such terrible things. And being an emotional sort, I tend to get teary eyed, followed by enormously upset and then even more angry where I start cursing very loudly wanting to committ horrible acts of torture against the person who does such things and then I get depressed for the rest of the night and then I miss my cats but have to wait til' I get off work 4 hours from now.
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I agree too, I wouldn't be able to look at the photos....the articles were bad enough....and I too get teary eyed and angry.
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Debby, it's a sign of our goodness that we are touched like that! I think anyone with a good heart can't help but feel anguish. Of course, what baffles me is me being the kind of guy I am, I can't even get a date and I'm a good guy! And descent looking and I love cats and I cook. I guess I'm just too picky, but geez, m**********g gets boring! LOL! (joke)!
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Too bad you're so far away. You cook AND do kitty boxes. Marry me!
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Well, here's a headline I don't want to put on the front page:

Vets believe rescued kitten was sexually abused

Is there no limit?!?!?
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I like the rest of you would rather not have to look at picures or hear stories of abuse bcause in my perfect world it would not happen. But since it does I think that as animal lovers we need to work for their cause and the only way we can do this is to take heed of the stories. I often read stories but do not look at pictues. CAT FANCY did introduce thier STOP flags which indicate very sensative material and gives the reader the choice of whether to read and react or to skip that story.
Yeterday when I read Max's story as posted by MEOWMAN I quickly wrote my emails and sent them off and then signed the petition. I then ventured into the neighbourood mall with my Mother for our regluar Saturday get together and all I could think of was that poor little baby trying to defend himself and what must have been going through his mind and the look of sheer terror on his face. I thought about it for the rest of the day I explained it to my mother and in the middle of the store as I was quietly doing so she exclaimed "WHAT? GIVE ME THAT WEBSITE I'M GOING TO WRITE TO SOMEONE."
So my long winded point is... I would rather not have spend my day thinking about that cat's final few minutes but if I had not read the story my emails and signiature on the petition would never have happened and who knows maybe they were the straw that broke the camels back and will get something done!
I hope I have not offened anyone with my opinion cause in any case that is all it is my opinion.
(Connie and Alistairs mom)

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And a very good opinion it is, Leslie-Ann!! And I'm sure noone was offended.
Meowman...just hang in there, a man as sensetive and loving as you are, will surely find a good woman soon! (and a cat loving woman at that!) Not to mention you are attractive and humerous. It just takes time to find that someone special, but then in the end it is worth it for not rushing into the wrong relationship.

And Anne, I had read that article you posted somewhere before...and it is really sad how many sick people there are in the world. I hope that kitten lived, and was adopted by someone loving.
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