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forum vibes needed for Job Interview!!!!

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Hi all, please send me positive vibes that I'll be able to nail this job interview down!!

It started last Dec. 2004 - I was qualified to work in Taiwan. But after a couple of days, my teacher announced that a hospital in Singapore was looking for Audiologist as well! So I ditched my Taiwan dreams in hopes for the Merlion City. Anyway, three months have passed, not hearing a bit of news about both Taiwan & Singapore - I thought there was no chance for me working abroad.

Here comes the good part: Yesterday, I was searching for vacancies across Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. I was joking to my friends that I'll send my resume to every hospital in Asia! Hahaha. Now, after that, I checked my mail, and goodness! I received an email from the Singapore hospital I've sent my resume to three months ago! They said that I was shortlisted for the Audiologist position and they'll call me up later for the interview! I'm so excited!

So I'm hoping that everyone could spare a minute to send vibes! Cat power!!!

Thanks so much!
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Sending Jalapeno HOT vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. You'll do well...
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Thanks mrsd!
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How exciting! Sending lots of ~~~Good Vibes~~~ for the interview!
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Sending mega good luck vibes your way!
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good luck!!
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Stephanie, wishing you the best of luck! Sheesh, another OFW in the making!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Sheesh, another OFW in the making!
Yup, I know!!! I don't want to rot in this country for nothing!

Thanks to everyone who sent their positive vibes! I made it through the interview! Whew! I was asked a number of things. I'm hoping they'd get me for the job - I REALLY WANT IT!!!

I was told that they'd email me once the results of the interview comes out. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'd get the good news.

Let y'all know what happens next. I'm really hoping I'll get the good news!

Thanks again everyone for their support.

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How exciting, Steph! Can't wait to hear more!
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Steph, sending more vibes your way! Waiting to hear back is the hard part!
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Steph, sending more vibes your way! Waiting to hear back is the hard part!
Thanks Kelly & Steph! I know! I check my email every time I can - I want to hear from them so badly! But I'm still hoping I'd get the job!
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Keeping everything crossd for you!
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Wish this forum had a graphic for crossed paws, because both of my girls are doing that for you, too. GOOD LUCK!!!
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That's so great! I'll keep the waves positive here for you. Best wishes.
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Good luck! I really hope you get that job!

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I'm sending positive vibes your way. I sure hope you hear from them soon and that you get the job.
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for you!
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Absolutely yes Steph, sending ((((good vibes)))))!! please keep us up dated!
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Good Luck!!! Sending lots of good vibes your way.
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Thanks again everyone! Well, no news from them still, although some of my classmates were emailed that they'll be having their interview this Friday. Wow, competition! But I'm still hoping really. Thanks again for listening to me whine.
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Hi everybody, dropped by for a bit of (useless) updates:

I still haven't heard from the Singapore people! Ugh, it's soooo killing me! It has been 10 days since the interview - and I can't wait any longer. It's hard, it's eating me!

My classmates were already interviewed, but they difference was that they were asked personal questions ("Why did you choose audiology?", "describe yourself") while I wasn't asked those questions. My questions were more about ("If ever you get chosen for the job, when can you start?"), that sort of thing.

I really do want that job, and if I don't get it, my cats will starve to death. (Kidding)

One reason why I want it is because I can buy my cats furnitures that I won't be able to afford with my current paycheck! (It's like, <$100/month!), and of course, one more reason is that with a larger paycheck, I get to help more cats in need by donating to local TNR efforts.

So I'm still hoping for the best.
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Still eagerly waiting with you!
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Sending lots and lots of good luck!.

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Sending you vibes from across the ocean........................
Good luck!!
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