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Kitten Appeared From Hiding Place Today

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Hi Everyone

For anyone who has been following my posts, (I know they have been hard to track because I have had so many and need soooo much advice !). For those of you who do not, I had an Ole' granny ferral cat who delivered 6 kittens 5 weeks ago. She had taken them and hid them away up underneath the trailer next store, up ABOVE the insulation somewhere. My husband was all underneath that trailer attempting to locate them (he thought that surely I was mistaken). Well , I just knew they were there because I keep seeing the ole granny jump UP the plumbing and I could hear her crawling.

I have someone from one of the Humane Societies, who is not only willing to take the ole granny and make an "office" cat of her, but also said she will take the kittens and adopt them out IF we can get them all.

Time has been passing by and I keep thinking if we dont locate them soon, she may change her mind. Late this afternoon, I peered under the trailer, as I have been continuing doing and noticed some insulation falling down. It wasnt a minute later and a little tiny kitten was there on the ground looking at me.

I know that this kitten will not be able to climb back up in the hole, as it had to fall down to get out. And I dont want it to spend the night under the trailer as it may wander off in the woods behind us, not to mention the oppossum and dogs we have on the property at night. I know I have no choice but to keep it in the house tonight.

My husband said that if one came down that means the others should be following shortly. It did drink a little milk out of the dish this afternoon. Can anyone give me advice?? Any and all appreciated.

God Bless you all for being so helpful.
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i wish i could offer advice but can only say congratulations on finding them!!

sounds like your husbands coming around a little more too...
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
i wish i could offer advice but can only say congratulations on finding them!!

sounds like your husbands coming around a little more too...

What concerns me is that I only have the one and I dont like to keep the kitten separated from its siblings and its momma. And I dont know how long its going to take the rest of them to decide to make the "jump" too.

Im also concerned that it wont eat enough, although it did lick some of the milk from the tray tonight. Does anyone know if its old enough to be eating a little canned food?
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Have you checked this site:
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Thank you....that WAS helpful. I had already put a rice sock in with him and it didnt take long for him to snuggle up. After reading the link you sent, I also put a hot water bottle under the towel. I have him in a pet carrier for the night, but tommorrow I will see if I can locate a suitable box and put a little "litter pan" in it.....:-) Thanks!
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Originally Posted by TNR1
Have you checked this site:
The little kitten is doing fantastic. It has been eating some on its own, a little milk with water and kitten food. The ole granny cat heard it outside the other day and so I brought her in for a "visit". Well since then the ole granny comes to my door, twice a day and visits with her kitten.

Its funny because the ole granny sits up in the carrier while the kitten is nursing and as her reward for being such a good mommy I give her a tray of warmed canned cat food and milk. I leave them alone with a towel drapped over the carrier for privacy. When she is ready the momma will begin to meow and then I let her outside. She has been doing this routine for two days now!

Of and on during the day I let the kitten out and it explores my living area under my watchful eye. Yesterday I walked from the computer room into the living area and my husband told me he let her out of her box for awhile. He told me she looks like a little bug on the rug. I actually think he is kind of fond of her...can you believe it ! The real funny thing is that she is beginning to follow him around !

Shes even uses the litter pan i made for her out of one of those take away containers you can put a sandwich it! Still no sign of the other kittens. I was looking under the trailer and calling yesterday. I think I had all the cats there except the one I was looking for. One of my mammy in laws 5 month old kittens decided to help by perching herself up on my back while I was hunched down. LOL

Its cold so perhaps that is why they are not venturing out. I certainly hope to find them soon before they get wild so that they will be able to find good homes.
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What would really be nice is if granny came to trust you guys so much that she shows up at your door with the rest of the babies!
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Congradulations Friend4life. You are doing a wonderful thing. How wonderful that dh is warming up to your kit. Bless you for doing what you are doing.
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yay! i'm so happy that you are taking care of these kitties! And it's so cute your DH is falling for one of them! thinking about keeping any of them?
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Today is Friday Mar. 18th....two more kittens fell down from their "nest" today. Both are solid gray and look nothing like the first and are much bigger. I caught a glimpse of a fourth kitten, beautiful little face and dainty, but I could not get her to come out ! Momma cat was even helping me and trying to coax her to come down, kept going up in the nest and coming down as if to show her how. I hope I am able to reach them soon as the two that came down today are a little on the wild side.
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You are doing a good job!
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What a story! My finger, toes, legs, eyes and everything else are crossed in hopes the other 2 will come down soon! Keep us posted please.
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just a caution, please do not give the kittens cows milk, that can cause a lot of problems for them. Also momcat is more than likely pregnant again, because she is outside and not inside where her and the kittens belong. Try tossing some crushed dry dog food under the trailer, underneath the hole where you believe the kittens are hiding- the smell should bring them down quickly if they are old enough to eat and hungry.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
What a story! My finger, toes, legs, eyes and everything else are crossed in hopes the other 2 will come down soon! Keep us posted please.
Update....while calling the ole granny cat to come in to feed the kittens I found, I heard an extra mew. It was dark outside and I thought I saw something. I looked in the feeding hole and there was the other little kitten! How beautiful she is! I will post a pic when I get my film back.

Unfortunately, I feel strongly only four out of the six survived, because the ole granny cat no longer retreats underneath the trailer. It sickens me to think of it, but the other day when I was placing their food in the hole I saw a strip of fur. My husband did hear the dogs and cats outside the other night and told that he saw my Black butt cat (i subsituted a word there !) Midnight. And he chased the dogs away. Midnights been coming and going, I was glad to hear he was back and just left things at that and didnt check into the situation further. But I looked and none of the other cats are missing fur I dont know for certain if the rottweilder puppy my brother in law has got to the two others, or if they might simply have not survived.

Anyway, good news!! I told the ole granny cat down to the vet today for the lady who is paying for my spaying to pick up. She plans on keeping ole granny and finding new homes for the kittens....and while I was there one of the workers in the vet asked me if I was looking to have someone adopt !! She said she knew a person that was looking for a brown stripped kitten!! That the first little kitten I found pictured here!

Its been a day of missed sadness and joy. I fell in love with those little kitties and from spending time with the granny developed a particular fondness for her too. We spend Sunday afternoon, our last day together letting the kittens play on the porch while she laid in my lap.

Thanks all for your caring and loving kindness!
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I am so glad the story is ending well for the four little ones and the old cat too. You will be sad but also proud to have helped them get this far.
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I agree, this story is ending nicely. You have done a nice job.
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF
I agree, this story is ending nicely. You have done a nice job.

Thanks all for your encouragement. Today I have been feeling particulary blue. I miss being standing at the sink in the kitchen and having that little wild baby under around my feet. I thought at one time that I would enjoy foster care, but now I know it would tear me apart everytime I had to give one up. You would think that with all the others I have here, it wouldnt matter...but it does. I keep reminding myself that they will be getting a better quality of life and that im being selfish for feeling this way.

One final brother in law actually had the nerve to ask me today NOT to get the one female spayed because he wants her to have a litter because of her color and he wants one of the kittens !!! It is his puppy that I believe caused the demise of the two that are missing...and who does he think would have to feed and care for that litter....certainly he wouldnt..if he wants a kitten there are plenty down at the animal shelter just waiting to be adopted ! The nerve of that guy!
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UGH! That makes me mad! I'm glad you aren't giving in to his request...
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