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Should the kitten SEE me feed her???

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Will my kitten be happier to see me if she knows I am the one who feeds her? Most times, I fill her food and water bowls while she is asleep b4 I go to work. Should I leave her food bowl empty during the day? Is this manipulative? Also, does ne1 knoe how to get her sleep schedule on a better track? I wish she didn't get energized at midnight! She wont even stay awake during the day to play! Thanks a lot! I love being a part of this sight!
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how old is she? cats are naturally nocturnal and kittens sleep an awful lot.

if your not there during the day she'll sleep. the only way to get her to calm down at night is to wear her out during the day. maybe feed her a little wet food before bed to help her sleep then ignore her best you can when she starts trying to get you to play.

or you could always get another cat to keep her company at night and active during the day.

i think she'll be able to smell you on her food bowl. why not wear an old t-shirt to bed for a few night then place her food bowl on top of it. that way you=food

i read in your other post you give her treats, that will help you bond quite a bit
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Thank you for helping me out! I am a new parent...as must be painfully obvious to you! Puppy is 6 months old and I believe she was rescued from the streets of West Virginia.
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poor puppy!

i can only tell you what i've tried with my cat, hopefully someone else will be along soon with more suggestions.

she did grow out of her playing all night stage at around 8months so not long now! how long have you had puppy for (do i dare ask about the name? lol). she might be sleeping a lot because she's happy to be safe atlast and can catch up on her much needed sleep.

try to be firm with her. you will so regret it if you dont. come round mine and see what a spoilt beast i've raised! lol
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She's not too bad now, but i used to play with Sophie an hour before bedtime as this used to tire her out so she slept at night, and like Nicky said some wet food on an evening also works.

I always leave my two a bowl of kibbles, but not that many as i've had to cut down on the amount because they were putting weight on

I would try and let her see you putting her food out just so she knows the hand that feeds her
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I think using your scent would be a stronger bond than visuals. Like was suggested, work up a big sweat or wear an old t-shirt until it gets semi-ripe and then use it in the vacinity of the food to get her to associate you with being her food source. This is an old trick that I used with rabbits, and it appears to work in my efforts to socialize Nano.

As for hyperactivity at night, I can't remember a specific turning point with Nano but eventually she stopped running around like a crazy cat at 2 AM. Now she sleeps by my feet or at my side.

Good luck!
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