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Litter Dilemma

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It turns out my cat has some kind of allergy to his litter (WBCL) so I need to switch back to a clay based litter. I've also used Feline Pine (he wouldn't even touch it), Swheat Scoop (it sticks too the bottom) and Fresh Step crystals so I'm limited to the store-brand clay litters. Has anyone used Cat's Pride? If so, how was the tracking, dust factor, and odor control?
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It's a pretty poor litter. It's the best clumper I've ever used, but the dust clouds are unbelievable, and my entire cellar started to reek (along with my cat's fur) within three days.

I went back to using Tidy Cats, and just recently switched over to the clumping with crystals blend. (I really like it.) I know there are others on the board who have had a lot of luck with Arm & Hammer, and Fresh Step as well.
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You can use swheat scoop - just after you clean your litter pan apply PAM cooking spray to the bottom of the litter tray, then put the litter in over the spray. No more stick-
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Well, I caved in and purchased Cat's Pride. Surprisingly it was the most expensive ($10 for a 14lb container) than the other brands. And wow, it's incredibly dusty. I imagine it's because the litter has a sand-like consistency. As not to waste it, I've mixed it with the Swheat Scoop I have left. I've already tried A&H, but I just wanted to try something different. I guess I need to stick to A&H.

P.S. As for the Swheat Scoop, I've tried the Pam remedy AND filled the box with at least 4 inches of litter and it still stuck to the bottom. I emailed the company and was told that because it's made out of wheat, the moisture is pulled down and that causes it to stick.
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Have you tried Precious Cat? It's all clay, virtually dust free (I have asthma) and and clumps hard as rock. I love it! I've tried many different kinds of litter and I like this the best by far. Interesting that your cat was allergic to the WBCL. One of mine was allergic to Feline Pine. Makes sense though as pine allergies and corn (I think WBCL is corn) allergies are not uncommon, at least in people so I assume maybe animals too. I could so do an ad for Precious Cat litter...not sure how many times I've recommended here
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I am in transition from tiday cat crystals to hen scratch which is like worlds best and swheat scoop combined... I am happy so far
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What is hen scratch? Sounds interesting. Does it clump? I really liked Swheat Scoop but we stopped using it as the Precious Cat is much less dusty and made firmer clumps. I've always been drawn to the natural litters though. Is it inexpensive?
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Hen scratch is just like WBCL, it's ground corn. If you plan on purchasing this, make sure you ask for chicken scratch or chicken layer.

I've never heard of Precious Cat, and I've looked all over for it. It's not available in my area. However, a friend recommended Tidy Cats Scoopable and so far it works really well. No odor, tracking or dust.
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not to sound likea shameless plug, but I LOVE MY TIDYCATS scoopable - I switched my mom's cats to it when I was home last and SHE loves it (not to mention it has really helped her home's odor problem!)

I made the mistake once of grabbing a bucket of generic scoopable ( think it might have been Cat's Pride, even) at Wal-mart, and haste really does make waste - I gagged on the dust just filling the box, and out the door it went!!
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